Gluten Free Baked Parmesan Chicken

Gluten Free Parmesan Baked Chicken Recipe

You can never have too many easy chicken dishes in your recipe box.

Chicken is readily available, a relatively inexpensive form of protein, and for most of us a go-to dinner-time staple.

This is one of my go-to recipes

Gluten Free Tex Mex Quiches

Gluten Free Tex Mex Quiches Recipe

One of my favorite ways to entertain is to host a brunch; it is so much more relaxed than dinner. Not only is brunch easier on the host or hostess but I think that the guest appreciate the mellower atmosphere as well.

Another way I like to make things easier on myself when entertaining is to serve food buffet style

Gluten Free Crispy Artichoke Hearts with Caper Aioli

Crispy Artichoke Hearts with Quick Caper Aioli

This coming Sunday the culmination of a half year of American football season will come to a close when two teams battle it out in the Super Bowl. (And yes, I looked it up; a football season is exactly 26 weeks long.)

While not a football fan especially, I am a huge fan of San Francisco and our beloved 49ers will be fighting for the title of Super Bowl Champion. I also happen to be a fan of any event where food plays a prominent role.

Gluten Free Stuffed Artichokes

Gluten Free Stuffed Artichokes Recipe

I hope you all had a lovely holiday! We have had a packed schedule here; holiday cocktail parties, big family dinners, brunches and all sort of lovely, organized chaos. It started with Thanksgiving and a month later we are still in party mode!

After all this reveling I am thinking that New Year’s Eve should be quiet; just a wonderful late night dinner for the hubby and me. But just because it will be only the two of us does not mean it shouldn’t be special.

Gluten Free Cauliflower Piccata

Gluten Free Cauliflower Piccata Recipe

Cauliflower – love it or leave it?

I will admit that growing up I could leave it, dare I say I went as far as being an almost hater? Sure it was okay when covered with creamy cheese sauce or raw dipped into ranch dressing. But it you are going to eat all those calories and extra fat, wouldn’t it better just to have a piece of flourless chocolate cake? Topped with caramel sauce? And maybe some whipped cream? But I digress.

Gluten Free Zucchini Gratin

Gluten Free Dairy Free Zucchini Gratin Recipe

It is that time of year again when zucchini is so plentiful we rack our brains on how to use up all those lovely squash that are taking over our gardens or that friends and neighbors trust upon us. It’s time for gluten free zucchini bread, zucchini fritters and zucchini muffins.

To change it up I decided to make a zucchini gratin this weekend. I figured I love potato gratin so why not? Plus a gratin made with zucchini instead of potatoes would have a lot less calories, starch and carbs. In that vein I also decided to leave out all those cheese calories gratins are usually so loaded with.

For sweetness and extra flavor I cooked