Gluten Free Chocolate Cherry Peppermint Tassies

Gluten Free Chocolate Cherry Peppermint Tassies Recipe

To my way of thinking there is no better gift to give someone than one that comes from the heart – and the kitchen.

OJ Sunrise 400x4701 1.jpg

OJ Sunrise

Gluten Free Arctic Cocktail

Arctic Sunset Cocktail Recipe

There are times in life when pretty much everyone will agree are worthy of celebrating; the birth of a child, weddings, milestone moments, anniversaries, and such.

But life can be filled with everyday moments to celebrate if you look for them

Gluten Free Blush Spritzer

Blush Spritzer Recipe

Need a pretty little cocktail to celebrate this Valentine’s Day? I think this Blush Spritzer should do the trick.

This cocktail is a spin on a gin and tonic, with a little romance thrown in

Gluten Free 5 Minute Hot Chocolate Cake Recipe

5 Minute Gluten Free Hot Chocolate Cake

Have you ever had that feeling that you must have chocolate cake and you must have it now?

It happens to me all the time but it feels more like this – “MUST HAVE CHOCOLATE CAKE NOW!!!”

That’s the beauty of this quick recipe

Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Cherry Cookies Recipe

Seems ‘tis the season for lots of wonderful things such as being jolly, family, friends, parties, cheer, and of course, cookies. I mean what would the holidays be without cookies?

In my family we always made an assortment of cookies to give away to neighbors and friends during the holiday season. There is something so special about giving someone something you made with love in your own home, don’t you think? And seriously, who doesn’t like cookies?