Gluten Free and More began in 2011 as a collection of gluten free voices who live a gluten free lifestyle. Started by a group of passionate gluten free food bloggers, we understood that you don’t have to sacrifice quality, health, or flavor when eating gluten free.

We are dedicated to raising awareness of celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity and providing simple and beautiful solutions for those who need to be gluten free. Our core philosophy is to look at the world in terms of what we CAN eat – not what we can’t.

With an annual readership of over 4 million, Gluten Free & More magazine, a nationally published print and digital magazine dedicated to the gluten and allergen free lifestyle. The magazine’s purpose is to educate, assist and inspire those with celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten, dairy, nuts, grains, or other allergenic elements, and assist those with vegetarian, vegan, and Paleo diet preferences.

We launched the first issue in November/December 2012 and it has since become the best-selling and most popular gluten and allergen-free lifestyle magazine in America and Canada. The magazine was awarded the “2013 Hottest Launch” by Media Industry News (MIN) in Dec 2013. Barnes & Noble rates the magazine as #2 in Diet & Nutrition (second only to Cooking Light) and #15 in Food & Wine (out of 1,200 mags).

Our writers have created over 2,100 gluten free recipes which were all made in our own kitchens and photographed in our own studio. Our articles and recipes have been published in more than 650 newspapers and magazines across the country.

Gluten Free and More focuses on more than food and recipes. We are a true lifestyle magazine and website with cutting edge medical articles, travel features, new product features, beauty articles, and much more.

Our fans have made our website and our very active blog one of the top gluten-free websites in the world, with more than 775,000 monthly page views and 180,000 unique visitors per month. The blog was awarded “One of the Top 60 Must-Read Health Blogs in America Today” in 2012.

Our simplest passion is creating gluten-free recipes that are not just “good for gluten free” but just plain good, period! And then having others make the recipes and love them.

Our Team:

Colin O'Neal

Colin O’Neal, President Gluten Free and More. Colin has personally been gluten free for over 20 years and due to inflammation issues also eats a primarily plant-based diet which has had dramatic improvements on his health. While an outstanding cook himself, Colin focuses on partnership opportunities and the business end of Gluten Free and More. He also frequently hosts our weekly Gluten Free Fridays on Facebook Live.


Kim Maes Headshot


Kim Maes, CNC, AADP, is a nutritionist and Gut and Adrenal Health Specialist. She creates step-by-step gut-rebuilding programs for her clients that focus on root causes of underlying gut and adrenal health issues. She helps restore long-term balance, energy, and health in her clients. You can visit Kim at



Alex Shikhman


Dr. Alexander Shikhman, founder of the Institute for Specialized Medicine, is board certified in internal medicine and rheumatology. Dr. Shikhman also launched Gluten-Free Remedies™, a line of all natural supplements which help treat the complications that can arise from celiac disease. Find Dr. Shikhman at and



Dr Vikki Petersen


Dr. Vikki Petersen, winner of the “Gluten-Free Doctor of the Year” award, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, internationally published author, speaker, and co-founder of Root Cause Medical Clinic ( She is the author of The Gluten Effect, a best-seller on gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.



Dr Frank LanziseraDr. Frank Lanzisera, co-author of Wheat Gluten: The Secret to Losing Belly Fat and Regaining Your Health and What’s Wrong With My Thyroid?, is a chiropractic doctor who treats autoimmune disorders and is a member of the International Association of Neurometabolic Professionals and the American Functional Neurology Institute. Visit


Beth HillsonBeth Hillson is the founder of Gluten-Free Pantry, one of the first gluten-free companies in the U.S. and the author of Gluten-Free Makeovers and The Complete Guide to Living Well Gluten Free (DaCapo Lifelong). You can find Beth in her Connecticut kitchen developing delicious gluten-free recipes or at



Brian KavanaghBrian Kavanagh, aka The Sophisticated Caveman, is a multimedia artist with a special place in his heart for food. After struggling for years with weight loss, he discovered he could still satisfy his passion for cooking amazing meals while using clean, healthy ingredients. He shares Paleo-focused recipes and lifestyle tips on his blog,



Gina Fontana


Gina Fontana is a certified health coach, recipe developer and food photographer at, a health food blog focusing on gluten-free, vegan, plant-based recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. As a new mother, her goal is to make flavorful, healthy meals that are quick, uncomplicated, and fun!


Natalia Mantur


Natalia Mantur is the food stylist, photographer, and blogger behind Eat and Travel Gluten-Free ( She believes a gluten-free life is an amazing journey – a never-ending trip for new and fascinating flavors, which she showcases on her blog.



Olga MillerOlga Miller is a professional baker, recipe developer, and freelance food photographer. After turning around a major health crisis with a diet similar to Paleo, she became an avid believer in eating like our ancestors. She’s inspired by its numerous benefits every day and, therefore, inspires others through her recipes on Instagram @olgas_originals.



Shay LachendroShay Lachendro is the author, recipe developer, and food photographer of The Gluten-Free Quick Breads Cookbook and creator of What The Fork Food Blog, an award-winning gluten-free baking and desserts blog. See more recipes from Shay at

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