Mozart Pina Colada

For me, there is nothing that screams vacation like having an icy pina colada on the beach or by the pool. more


Blackberry & Strawberry Shrub

Shrubs (the drink not the plants) are kind of trendy right now but in actual fact, they have been around for a long time. more


Dirt Pudding

When my children were young, they used to literally eat dirt. They are boys, what can I say? Since I preferred for them to not actually ingest dirt, dirt pudding became a fun treat that the boys could help make. In a pinch, you can certainly skip making the pudding from scratch and use a […] more


Mochi Avocado Southwestern Waffles

Have you ever had a Japanese mochi waffle? They look like a “regular” waffle but that’s where the similarity ends. They have a… more


Barenjager Honey Liqueur Arnold Palmer

Today, how about we dive into the backstory of a drink that’s as iconic as it is refreshing – the Arnold Palmer? more

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