Find out the latest in gluten free living by attending gluten free events! Find an event near you on our list below.

If you are having an event and it is not listed, let us know so we can include it. Send an email with all relevant information and a link to your event site to:

Please include: Event Title, Name of Venue, City, State, Country, Date(s), Times, Website, Contact Person, Contact Email, Contact Phone


Free From & Allergy Expo – Toronto, Canada – April 4-5

Nourished Festival – Portland, OR – April 18-19

Nourished Festival – Charlotte, NC – May 16-17

Nourished Festival – Schaumburg, IL – May 30-31

Celiac Disease Foundation Gluten-Free Expo – Pasadena, CA – June 13

Nourished Festival  – Worcester, MA – July 18-19

Free From & Allergy Expo – Montreal, Canada – August 1-2

Nourished Festival  – Seattle, WA – September 12-13

Gluten Free Expo – Edmonton, Canada – September 20

Nourished Festival  – Secaucus, NJ – October 3-4

Nourished Festival  – Denver, CO – October 17-18

National Celiac Conference – Norwood, MA – October 24

Nourished Festival  – San Diego, CA – December 5-6

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