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Is Gluten Contributing to Your Seasonal Allergies?

If you’ve ever suffered from allergies, either seasonal or year-round, you know how miserable they can be. Sneezing, coughing…

Gluten and Weight Control Article

Dealing with Pain Naturally

We all have to deal with pain at one time or another. A common response to deal with pain is to use prescription drugs or over the counter medications, but there are several natural alternatives that can be used safely as a part of everyday pain maintenance. There are several classifications of pain. From a […]

Sustainable Weight Loss Article

A Quick Guide to Sustainable Weight Loss through Healthy Snacks and Simple Exercises

As we start another year, let’s hope this will be the year to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise and embrace better self-care.

Gluten and Weight Control Article

Gluten and Weight Control

The issue regarding gluten consumption and weight control is a common topic of discussion in our clinic. Often people experience weight loss or weight gain when starting a gluten-free diet. By its obvious nature, gluten intolerance has a profound effect on the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract and production of hormones and enzymes […]

Is Your Gluten Allergy Serious? Article

Is Your Gluten Allergy Serious?

You’re speaking to your waitperson regarding your need to avoid gluten and they ask “How serious is your allergy?”

Gluten and Weight Control Article

Tendon Disorders: Risk Factors and Innovative Treatment Options

Tendon disorders are very common among patients with various nutrient deficiencies and account for 20-30% of consultations in rheumatology and orthopedic practices. Tendons are strong fibrous structures that connect muscles to bones and have the main function of transforming the force generated by a muscle contraction into movement. In addition to this, they can absorb […]

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