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Wine Wednesday with FitVine

Have you heard of Wine Wednesday? It’s a fabulous creation, I must say! It’s kind of technical, but here goes: it’s Wednesday, and you drink wine. OK … so not really that technical, I suppose.

Why Wednesday? Well, because alliteration, of course. Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wine Wednesday – yeah, we’re really not that creative as a society when it comes to things like this. Every day is national [insert very specific food] day, or if it begins with the same letter of the day then we run with it and make an entire blog post about it – oh, wait. I’m doing that right now, aren’t I? Well, that’s what happens when I’m two glasses into Wine Wednesday!

So, let’s get to it. This Wine Wednesday, I’m sipping on FitVine wine, which is gluten-free and contains less sugar, fewer sulfites, no GMOs or flavor additives, and is vegan friendly. FitVine isn’t certified organic but they lab test their wines with the industry’s leading third-party lab and their wines contain no traces of pesticides, molds, or arsenic. It’s wine that you can enjoy and not feel like you’re sacrificing your diet and healthy lifestyle.

I’m a fan of all types of wine, but I have a handful of faves that I keep on hand for hosting company or for when I just feel like sipping a glass. Cabernet Sauvignon is my go-to red that most everyone likes. Pinot Grigio is my go-to white that pairs well with all kinds of foods. Prosecco is my celebratory drink of choice or my go-to for spicy foods. And Rosé is the newest addition to my bar because the color is gorgeous and it’s lovely to have for brunch or for a ladies’ night.

Here’s a bit more about each of those wines and what I like to pair them with.

FitVine Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

This full-flavored wine has a clean taste and although I’m no sommelier, it has fragrant notes of currant, lavender, and oak, with flavors of coffee, chocolate, and berry. I like to pair this with my Gluten-Free Sicilian Spaghetti recipe. Nothing like spaghetti and red wine!

FitVine Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio

This white wine is clear, clean, and crisp. It is slightly dry and has light flavors of green apple and citrus. I like to pair this with pasta that has a cream sauce. Chicken and mushrooms also pair nicely, so that’s why I’d suggest my Gluten-Free Chicken Scaloppini Pasta recipe. Delish!

FitVine Prosecco


Bubbly and full of vibrant notes of green apple and citrus, prosecco is a must-have (and must-love) in my house. It finishes clean and elegantly with a welcome crispness that pairs beautifully with spicy foods like my Gluten-Free Sweet & Spicy Thai Shrimp Pasta recipe.

FitVine Rose Wine


Rosé is the new black! It’s a lovely wine with a beautiful color and aromas of raspberry, strawberries, and rose petal. It’s lush yet crisp and cool. I like to pair rosé with seafood, so I’d suggest my Gluten-Free Seafood Pasta recipe.

There you have it, my fellow wine-lovers! A little inspiration for your Wine Wednesday. Cheers!

FitVine Wine Cheers

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