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Gluten-Free Products to Treat Yourself

Treat yourself with these gluten-free products that are either good for your body or good for your soul! From pampering products like mascara to indulgent treats like cakes to healthy products like supplements and protein powder, there’s something here for you whether you want to focus on supporting a healthy body or need the occasional treat to let loose with.

Closeup of Dr Liia Epilynx Mascara tubes and box on a silver background

Dr. Liia (formerly Epilynx) Cosmetics

Gluten winds up in the funniest (not so funny) of places. Makeup and cosmetics are some of the most frustrating places to discover hidden gluten. Mascara with a side of gluten? No, thanks! Although the pores of our skin are much too small for the gluten protein to penetrate, many people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity avoid gluten in cosmetics because if it’s on your face or body, chances are it can end up making its way inside, whether through licking your lipstick or getting mascara in your eyes or getting topical products into cuts and blemishes on your face. That’s why companies like Dr. Liia (formerly known as Epilynx) are fantastic to get behind. Dr. Liia herself has psoriasis and gluten sensitivity, so her makeup and skincare products are formulated to not just be gluten-free, but free from other harmful ingredients. Her mascara is an easy product to treat yourself to because it’s affordable and luxurious. It’s actually a mascara duo, which comes with a volumizing and lengthening mascara and fiber brush that adds synthetic fibers to the tips of your eyelashes, giving you that big, bold look without having to apply false lashes. 

Treat yourself to Dr. Liia cosmetics

Overhead view of Starlite Cuisine Enchiladas box and enchiladas on a white plate with tomatillos and herbs around the plate

Starlite Cuisine Plant-Based Enchiladas

Treat yourself to something wholesome, yet quick. Tasty, yet simple. Convenient Starlite Cuisine frozen enchiladas and taquitos are not just gluten-free but also plant-based and vegan, making them the perfect meal to have on hand for a variety of diet preferences and needs. These make the “treat yourself” list because you’re treating yourself to wholesome food that is so quick and convenient it frees up your time for things you’d rather be doing than cooking a full meal on a weeknight. What’s really great about these is that they are also soy-free. Many vegan and plant-based foods contain soy, making it challenging for people who avoid soy and want to eat plant-based. I don’t feel like this description needs much more — just look at that delicious picture above and you should be convinced! (Please note, their rolled tacos contain gluten; be sure to only select the enchiladas or taquitos.)

Treat yourself to Starlite Cuisine plant-based meals

Good Its Gluten Free Tandoori Tikka Meal Kit on a gray background with a bowl of Chicken Tandoori Tikka in front of it

Good It’s Gluten Free Meal Kits

We’re in love with convenience over here, and the Good It’s Gluten Free Meal Kits are convenience in a kit! Just add a protein or vegetable of your choice and the rest of the ingredients are provided for you. You get ingredients for things like marinade, sauce, coating, and toppings, and you get to re-create some of your favorite take-out meals in gluten-free versions. These kits are available in 5 varieties: Tandoor Tikka, Southern Fry’d, Korean Chilli, Katsu Curry, and Chinese Salt & Pepper. They can be made with chicken, pork, beef, fish, or vegetarian ingredients like eggplant or tofu. Each kit serves two people, so you’re not just treating yourself but someone else, too! At-home date night, anyone?

Treat yourself to Good It’s Gluten Free Meal Kits

Gem City Cheesecake

Gem City Fine Foods Desserts

The epitome of treating yourself is with something rich and decadent, like a chocolate torte from Gem City Fine Foods. But, although you’re treating yourself with their delicious desserts, you can rest assured knowing they are certified gluten-free. They are also nut-free and there are vegan and top 8 allergen-free options, too. One bite of a Gem City chocolate torte, cake, cupcake, or cheesecake and you will be transported to that a state of “mmm” that will leave you feeling like you’ve done a great job treating yourself.

Treat yourself to Gem City desserts

LivOn Labs Lypospheric Vitamin C package lined up with fresh oranges in front and behind it

LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C

Treating yourself isn’t all about treats. It’s about treating your body right, too. And when it comes to treating your body well, nourishing it with vitamins and minerals it needs is one of the best things you can do. If you didn’t already know this about celiac disease, it can make absorption of nutrients, particularly from supplements, difficult. This is especially true if you’ve only recently been diagnosed and are in the process of healing your intestinal lining or if your celiac disease isn’t well managed. Luckily, there’s a brand called LivOn Labs that makes what are known as lypo-spheric supplements. These supplements bypass the body’s usual route of digesting supplements and instead get absorbed and delivered where they need to go much easier. I recommend their vitamin C any time of year but especially during cold and flu season, but they also offer other supplements, too.

Treat yourself to LivOn Labs supplements



Paleo Pro Strawberry Protein Shake being poured from the blender into a glass with a woman and her daughter in the background

Paleo Pro Protein Powder

Nourishing your body with the right amount of protein each day is how you truly treat yourself to proper energy, good muscle tone, and an overall strong body. If you’re an athlete, you know how important protein is. If you’re not an athlete, you should still know how important protein is! You’ll want enough of it to help build your muscles if you’re hitting the gym this year. And most importantly, protein keeps you fuller longer, which means you’re going to snack less on carbs, sugar, or unhealthy foods. Paleo Pro can help you get in the right amount of protein if you’ve got a busy day and want to make a quick shake before or after the gym or in between errands. They offer multiple flavors of their protein powder, which is made from grass-fed beef and egg whites. They also have collagen powders and protein bars.

Treat yourself to Paleo Pro protein powder

Superfree Bakehouse Cupcakes in white cupcake liners with white frosting on a white rectangle platter dusted with cinnamon

Superfree Bakehouse

Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. Need I say more? Let’s just cut this short and head straight to their website, right? Ok fine, I’ll elaborate. Superfree Bakehouse (formerly Olivia Superfree) is a delicious family-owned bakery that was born out of the need for a mom to make adjustments to the foods she and her kids ate, due to food sensitivities. She learned to create amazing baked goods without a bunch of ingredients: gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, rice, potato, and coconut. Oh, and she made them vegan, too. Treat yourself and your family to some delicious cupcakes, brownies, or even some everyday staples like loaves of bread. Superfree Bakehouse has a delicious variety that’s suitable for many different diets.

Treat yourself to Superfree Bakehouse cupcakes and baked goods

Bottles of Mozart White Chocolate and Chocolate Cream Liqueurs on a white and black checkered tablecloth with shots of each in front

Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs

We’ve come to the end of our “treat yourself” roundup, so let’s end it with a toast. Cheers to a fun, healthy, and delicious 2022. What better way to do that than with Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs? These decadent, flavorful liqueurs are amazing on their own over ice, splashed into coffee, made into a cocktail, or even added to desserts. They come in a wide variety of chocolatey flavors: Chocolate Cream (original), White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Coffee, White Chocolate Strawberry, and Chocolate Pumpkin Spice. There’s a flavor for every season it seems! The White Chocolate Strawberry would be divine for Valentine’s Day, too. These fine liqueurs are made in Austria and have traveled to the States to please your palates, so don’t be shy, grab a glass! And check out their fun “choctails” on their website for drink inspiration. 

Treat yourself to Mozart chocolate liqueurs


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