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Product Spotlight: Health is Wealth

New Year, new choices. This product spotlight features gluten-free products that you can feel good about. 

No soy tamari sauce bottle by sanJ


San-J’s No Soy 

Made from peas and pea protein, San-J’s new No Soy Tamari tastes like authentically brewed soy sauce! It’s fermented up to 6 months using family brewing methods with no artificial preservatives. Contains 18 amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids. Try it today!

the package of the king author pancake mix

Protein Pancake Mix 

Gluten-free and protein-packed, these pancakes are a cinch to make and are oh so soft, fluffy, and delicious. With 11 grams of plant-based protein and 3 grams of fiber in each serving, you can create the perfect breakfast treat, just the way you like it.

LivOn Labs Vitamin C packaging

LivOn Labs Vitamin C

Ditch the pills, powders, and gummies for a better way to absorb vitamin C. This gluten-free, sugar-free, non-GMO supplement packs 1,000 mg of vitamin C into smart, nutrient-dense spheres that deliver the vitamin to your bloodstream and your cells.

The packaging of Clo Clo pizza

Chick’n BBQ Recipe Pizza

Mouthwatering sweet potato crust enhances and delights the taste buds and sets the stage for a fantastic dining experience. The delicious mozzarella-style shreds are melted over our own meatless chick’n sausage crumbles and enhanced with a southwest style sauce and plethora of red onions.

the Glow up packaging with cookies on top

Glow Up Collagen Skin-Boosting & Stress-Busting Drink Mix

Bake up your favorite gluten-free recipes with Winged’s Glow Up Collagen! Glow Up increases protein by 10 grams per scoop when added to recipes and is packed with stress reducing adaptogens. Winged is a female founded, mission driven brand with award-winning products that are gluten free.

hair products form schamps beauty

The Poo Is Here

“I’m so thrilled to FINALLY find a CLEAN shampoo that actually WORKS, smells amazing, and has helped my hair grow back after covid. I can’t believe how soft and shiny my hair is, even my husband noticed! It also handled my daughter’s frizzy tangles. I’m a customer for life!” -Chelsea

a bottle of soulera

The World’s Most Researched Stress Relief Formula

Soulera improves the function of every cell in your body, resulting in positive changes. Soulera is clinically proven to modulate the body’s production of cortisol (our stress hormone), returning you to the healthy middle ground between stimulation and exhaustion.

A can of Hatch diced green chiles

Hatch Green Chiles

Hatch chiles are grown in New Mexico and are a delicious pepper! Our diced chiles are a great pantry staple to have on hand for an extra kick of flavor. Hatch chiles help you to easily add more veggies into your diet. Use them in soups, stews, beans, rice, pastas, casseroles, and more. The possibilities are endless.

4 boxes of flax 4 life cookies

New Cookie Sizes

Good things do come in small packages! Flax4Life recently released a new smaller size of their delicious and nutritious cookies. Same great taste, now in a more convenient package. Full of fiber, Omega 3’s, and protein, the cookies will satisfy your sweet craving and are secretly better for you.

4 bag of Zolli candies

Delicious Zolli Candy

Zolli & Zaffi are delicious, fun candies everyone can enjoy! Zero sugar, allergy-free, vegan, gluten-free, natural, and Kosher. Win amazing prizes in the “What Color is Your Basket?” contest on YouTube, IG, and TikTok @ZolliCandy. Get coupons, decorating tips, and enter on our website.

the bottle of bone suckin seasoning

All Purpose Seasoning

Bone Suckin’ Sauce® All Purpose! Seasoning & Rub. This is your all-purpose, all-in-one seasoning for plant proteins, meats, and vegetables. Saves you time and money. Use amply for that Bone
Suckin’ Flavor!

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