Customizable Quinoa Bread 2.jpg

Gluten Free Customizable Quinoa Bread Recipe

Written by Alyssa Rimmer

Balsamic Fruit index 1.jpg

Balsamic Grilled Fruit

Written by AndreAnna McLean

Tropical Chia Pudding 1.jpg

Tropical Chia Pudding

Here is a simple and tasty five ingredient recipe for the most important meal of the the day – Breakfast. Fuel the body and prepare for the day ahead! The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owner’s. This blog accepts free manufacturers samples and forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid […]

Ginger Cake 1.jpg

Ginger Cake with Sautéed Apples & Pears

Written by Hallie Klecker

Gluten Free Mixed Berry Kolach Recipe

Gluten Free Mixed Berry Kolach Recipe

According to my friend Marketa, who hails from Prague, a Kolach is a Czech pastry where fruit is surrounded by dough and is in a circle – or the shape of a wheel, which is where the name originates.

Apparently the pastry is sweet but not overly so and is not high like a

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Dairy Free Chocolate Fondue

This dairy-free chocolate fondue is a wonderful addition to a dessert table at your next party or gathering.

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