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Gluten-free pasta has come quite a long way since I first went gluten-free more than 25 years ago. What used to be a crumbly mess eventually became tolerable and over the years it evolved into what it is today – a perfect alternative to wheat-based pasta. There are so many varieties made with all different combinations of ingredients, there are different shapes, and, simply put – there is no longer any reason to tolerate a mediocre gluten-free pasta when there are so many amazing options out there. Isibisi is one of those amazing options. You’ll never guess where it’s made … OK, maybe you will guess. Italy! Rumor has it that the best pasta is made in Italy!

Isibisi’s pastas are free from GMOs and additives, have a long shelf life, and are cut from a bronze die, which gives the pasta a rough texture that allows sauce to cling to it better (who knew!). Isibisi offers a variety of shapes/types, including spaghetti, baby Mafalda, spirals, penne rigate, maccheroni, and fettuccine.

The ingredients in Isibisi pastas are simple and short – corn flour and rice flour. This combination allows for the perfect texture and flavor. Use Isibisi in all your hot or cold pasta dishes, from spaghetti and meatballs to pasta salad and so much more. The founders of Isibisi are firm believers in the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, and high-quality pasta is part of that! Try Isibisi now and taste the difference.

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