Creamy Lemon Dacquoise Cake

Gluten-Free Creamy Lemon Dacquoise Cake

Ever since I decided on January 2nd this year to forgo sugar, grains, and alcohol until my birthday on March 7th, I’ve been dreaming about what kind of cake I want for my

Gluten Free Mocha Dacquoise Feature.jpg

Gluten Free Dairy Free Mocha Dacquoise Recipe

Ah, the dacquoise. This beautiful meringue cake comes from none other than the mecca of magnificent confections … France! With layers of buttercream frosting between crisp

Gluten Free Raspberry Dacquoise

Gluten Free Raspberry Dacquoise Recipe

One of the most wonderful ways to tell somehow just how much you love and appreciate them is to cook for them. This year you can shower Mom with love and wow her at the same time with this exquisite dessert.

This light and lovely Dacquoise (that’s French for fancy schmancy cake) looks, sounds, and tastes super gourmet and yet is super simple to make. Dacquoise is one of my very favorite naturally gluten free desserts;

Gluten Free Apricot Dacquoise Recipe

Gluten Free Apricot Dacquoise Recipe

Dacquoise is a French dessert made with meringues to which ground nuts have been added layered with butter cream frosting. It is fabulous and it makes for a really lovely and different holiday dessert.

I recall seeing Julia Child make a rectangular Dacquoise on a cooking show where she mentioned that the great thing about the shape was that you could always slice off the end and eat it, then re-ice the cake with extra buttercream, and your guests would be none the wiser. That’s yet another reason why I love Julia Child.

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