We know that grocery shopping in the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis is difficult, risky, and sometimes you won’t find the products you want/need. Here’s a list of gluten-free companies that are still operating during the pandemic, shipping out products directly to your door.


Breads/Baked Goods

1-2-3 Gluten Free – 15 Baking mixes free of wheat/gluten dairy/casein, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs, and sesame. Certified by GFCO and Kosher OU.

7 Muffins a Day – Gluten-free, dairy-free bakery offering a variety of tasty products.

Alamarra – Retail Crêpe, Pancake, Waffle, And Waffle Cone Mixes.

Allie’s GF Goodies – A bakery free from gluten, dairy, peanuts, treenuts, coconut, pea protein & sesame seeds

Authentic Foods – Gluten free baking mixes & flours. add a bag of Steve’s GF Bread Flour Blend or Steve’s GF Cake Flour Blend and enter the code STEVESBLENDS for FREE SHIPPING on your entire order over $40 through April 15th.

Better Bites Bakery – Cake bites, cookie dough bites, and more, all free from the top 8 allergens.

Bread Srsly – Wild fermented gluten-free sourdough bread made from clean ingredients. Certified gluten-free and vegan. Free shipping with coupon code: SIMPLYGF

Buddy’s Allergen Free Cakes – Amazing top 8 allergen free cakes and frostings.

Canyon Bakehouse – Delicious breads, bagels, and more. A brand that will become an instant favorite. (Find them on Amazon, Gluten Free Palace, or Walmart.com)

Color Kitchen – Natural food dyes and sprinkles, plus gluten-free cake mixes and pancake mix to brighten up your day.

CompleteEats – Gluten-free & plant-based single serve cookies baked with clean label ingredients. use code SIMPLYGF15 at checkout

Dancing Deer – Gluten free baking company.

Divinely Gluten Free – Delicious gluten-free baking mixes, including muffin mix, cookie mix, and more.

Eban’s Bakehouse – Gluten free baked goods.

Flax4Life – Muffins, brownies, granola, cakes, and more, all packed with healthy flax. Order any case and get 15% off your entire order.For 15% off your purchase, use coupon code: SimplyGlutenFree15

Freely Vegan – Vegan company that makes a plant-based egg replacement, baking mixes and an all-purpose flour without guar gum or xanthan gum.

Gem City Fine Foods – Decadent cheesecakes and other desserts, including vegan options, too. Enter: SimplyGF10 at check out for 10% off your entire order through April 30, 2020

GF Jules – Gluten-free flour, pancake mix, bread mix, and more.

Gluten-Free Nation – Pound cake, cookies, buns, rolls, pie, and more classic baked goods.

Gluten-Free Prairie – Oats, baking mixes, granola and more – all made with Purity Protocol oats.

Gluten-Free Territory – Gluten-free brownies, cookies, and cakes. Free shipping with $40 purchase.

Home Free Treats – Cookies made in a dedicated bakery free from gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and dairy.

Cherrybrook Kitchen – Gluten free baking mixes.

Kalo Foods – Artisan baked goods like cakes and cookies, plus baking mixes.

Kinnikinnick – Cookies, donuts, breads, pie crusts, pizza crust, and more, all free from gluten, dairy, nuts, peanuts, and soy. Get 10% off first purchase with newsletter sign up.

Lopaus Point – Delicious gluten-free waffles that are free from soy and dairy and made without added sugar.

Maria & Ricardo’s – Gluten-free corn tortillas, plus grain-free tortillas made of sweet potato, zucchini, and more. Order on Amazon.

Mikey’s – English muffins, meal pockets, tortillas, and more – all of which are not just gluten-free but grain-free, too. Free shipping on orders over $50.

Mina’s Purely Divine – Gluten-free all-purpose baking mix, bread mix, and chocolate cake mix to keep your pantry well stocked.

Mom’s Place – Gluten Free mixes.

MYBREAD – Classic breads like pita, baguettes, and rolls, but made without eggs, dairy, soy, and nuts. Vegan, too.

Nutiva – Coconut Oil, Chia Seeds, Avocado Oil, Hemp Seeds, MCT Oil, Protein Powders, Coconut Flour and more.

Odd Bagel – Gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan bagels. Get free shipping through the end of April.

Olivia’s Croutons – gluten free croutons and stuffing.

Onesto Foods – Gluten Free Cookies & crackers. Use code: SHIP50 Free shipping on orders over $50.

Otto’s Naturals – Grain-free cassava flour for all your baking needs. Get free shipping on all orders.

Pastry Base – Vegan, gluten-free baking mixes, including kits that are fun to make with the kids! Free shipping available, no code required.

Paleo Bakehouse – Gluten free, dairy free, grain free, and non-GMO desserts. Use code “simplyglutenfree” for 10% off your order 

Raised Gluten Free – New White Sandwich Bread, and an assortment of cookies!.

Red Plate Foods – Cookies, muffins, granola and more, all free from the top 8 allergens. Use code “SIMPLYGF20” for 20% off your order, now through 5/31/20.

Rule Breaker – Cookies, brownies, and blondies made vegan and nut-free.

RylieCakes Gluten-Free Flour Blends – Cake Mix, Biscuit Mix, Pancake Mix + More 25% off all mixes – no coupon code needed

Sarah’s Treats Bakery – Gluten-Free, No Sugar Added, All Natural Muffin!

Schär – Bread products, crackers, pasta, and so much more. (Some items may have an order limit due to high demand.)

Simple Kneads – Dense, artisan-style breads like sourdough, whole grain, and pumpernickel.

Smart Baking Co. – Burger buns, cakes, and more. Keto-friendly, non-GMO, and diabetic friendly. Use code “STAYSTRONG20” for 20% off & free shipping.

Snackin’ Free – Paleo cafe/bakery that also sells its products like bagels, tortillas, and more online.

Sustainable Indulgence – Nutrient-rich, delicious superfood cookies.

The Greater Knead – Bagels that are free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts, sesame, and GMOs. Get $5 off $50 with code “Support”

The Maine Pie Co. – Handcrafted gluten-free pies made in classic flavors like Strawberry Rhubarb and Wild Blueberry.

The Naked Baker – Cookies, brownies, and other treats that are free from preservatives and made with quality ingredients.

The Real Coconut – grain free tortilla chips and grain free tortillas. Free Shipping

Three Bakers – Award Winning Gluten-Free Breads, Rolls, Pizzas and Stuffing Mix available for purchase by the case.

Torill’s Table – Torill’s Table waffles come from a story of family, cherished friends and unforgettably cozy gatherings. Delicious waffles are just part of the story. 50% off, no code needed

Wholeness Market – Organic Tortillas. 10% off tortillas and 10% off first order

Yolele Foods – Fonio, an afican supergrain.


Amy & Brian Naturals – Coconut water that is non-gmo, all natural and never from concentrate.

Bare Life – Allergen friendly coconut hot cocoa. free shipping over $45

Burning Brothers Brewing – Gluten-free brewery in St. Paul, Minnesota. Offering to-go beer sales in St. Paul MN. 1750 Thomas Ave, St. Paul, MN 55104.

Cacao Tea Co. – Gluten free loose-leaf chocolate tea made from 100% pure cacao husks.

Ceremonie Tea, Ltd. – Tea blends & herbal infusions.

Chopin Vodka – High-quality potato vodka (be sure to select Potato Vodka, as they also make wheat/rye vodkas).

Everipe – Blender-ready superfood smoothies. GLUTENFREE15 for use on any non-subscription order.

Frey Vineyards – Organic, vegan-friendly wine with no sulfites added. Get 10% off 12 bottles.

Frozen Garden – Prepped, frozen smoothie ingredients in a pouch. Just add liquid and blend.

GT’s Living Foods – Kombucha, Aqua Kefirs, Non-Dairy Probiotic Coconut Yogurt, Probiotic Shots, Wellness Water, Adaptogenic Tea.

Harmonies Brew – A premium 100% natural coffee company with a passion for the performing arts.

Hella Cocktail Co. – Premium bitters and cocktail mixers, as well as the first of its kind, Bitters & Soda. All gluten-free. Free shipping on orders over $59

Oceana Coffee – Specialty grade coffee.

Performance Tea – TEA HERBS ROOTS & M’SHROOMS. Enter code: APRIL for 20% any product during the month of April

Pesha Fruit – Delicious fruit juices.

Rebellious Beverage – Infuse Your Water with RebelliouS Natural Flavors and Antioxidants. 100% Plant Based. Zero Sugars. Zero Calories.

Sunshine Beverages – Every can of Sunshine sparkling energy water is packed with daily vitamins A through E, essential electrolytes and 70mg of natural caffeine for a little extra boost. Use code: SIMPLYGLUTENFREE for 20% off your entire order (Use 1 time per customer), expiration date 12-31-20. 

The Chosen Bean – Single origin coffee beans.

Wonder Drink – PREBIOTIC KOMBUCHA PLUS ADDED BENEFITS. Free Shipping on all orders (no code needed!)


Let Trois Petit Cochons (3 Pigs) – A charcuterie-focused company whose newest product, sous vide egg bites, are a favorite here at Gluten Free & More.

88 Acres – A bakery specializing in granola bars, granola, and seed butters free of peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, and sesame. Free 2-day shipping sitewide through April (no code required)

Alter Eco – Chocolate Bars and Truffles.

Banner Road Baking Company – Delicious granola that is Certified Organic/Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan, Plant-based protein and Low in natural sweetener. Free Shipping on online orders over $25 with code:  STAYSTRONG

Beanfields Snacks – Plant based snacks that are grain free and gluten free.

BeFree – Gluten-free, casein-free treats that put a smile on your face and a giggle in your tummy. Free shipping

Bohana – Popped water lily seeds make for a healthy, tasty snack. A great alternative to popcorn. 10% off every order and free shipping. Promo Code is SimplyGF

CompletEats – Plant-based cookies.

Crunchmaster – Snack crackers with no GMOs, gluten or artificial flavors.

Dr Moringa – Vegan-friendly cookies.

Dutch Country Soft Pretzels – Gluten-free soft pretzels. Enter coupon code: 1STPURCHASE for 20% OFF

Edward and Sons – Proud purveyors of innovative vegetarian groceries.

Ella’s Flats – Certified gluten-free, non-GMO crisps made of healthy seeds. $2.00 off with code: TASTYFLATS

Enjoy Life – Flavorful snacks you can trust, free from 14 food allergens.

free2b Foods – Delicious allergen free snacks.

Frill USA – A healthy alternative to ice cream.

Fruit Bliss – a positively blissful snack that you can feel good about.

Good to Go Bars – Keto-certified snack bars.

Harvest Snaps – certified gluten free, veggie-first snack crisps.

JOYÀ – Plant based, non-gmo, delicious, nourishing, joy-inducing snacks. Currently offering free shipping and 25% off the site with code TOGETHER25

Kay’s Naturals – High-protein, low-carb cereals and snacks. Take 30% off all 1-1.2 ounce 6-packs with code “JOY”

Kip’s Allergy Friendly Snacks – Granola bark free from the top 8 allergens. For 5% off any order use code: SIMPLY5

Made Good Foods – Gluten-free granola, granola bars, cookies, and more. Get 35% off + free shipping on 2 items or more with code “MGUS35”

Mom’s Munchies – Clean, Natural and Organic Treats that are always Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Soy-Free, Low in Natural Sweeteners & Plant Based.

Munk Pack – Gluten-free, plant-based snacks, including keto-friendly granola bars. Use code “SGFREE” for 10% off your order.

Naturalvert – Organic gluten-free granola.

nud fud  – items are not only lab tested GF, they are also grain-free, organic, vegan, tree nut-free, sugar-free, paleo, with keto options as well. 10% with code “NUD10”

Nutkrack – Delicious candied pecans, perfect for snacking. coupon code- NKGF15 gets 15% off online orders through 7/30/20.

Nuts.com – a broad and growing selection of gluten free snacks, sweets & cooking & baking goods.

Nuttee Bean – Fava bean snacks.

O’MY Dairy-Free Gelato – Dairy-free, gluten-free gelato in a variety of tasty flavors. Get free shipping + 20% off when you buy 6+ pints with code “SMILES”

Pickled Pink Foods – Our pickled cucumbers, jalapenos, and watermelon are as Southern as they are sophisticated and as sweet as they are sassy. 20% off with code glutenfree20 good through May 31, 2020

Pizootz – Flavor-infused artisan peanuts and almonds. Great for snacking!

Prevail Jerky – the most crave-worthy, tender, satisfyingly delicious, real jerky snack with no compromises. Period. Enter code: SIMPLYGF for 10% off

Pro Rich Nutrition – It’s like ice cream… with benefits! Use code: NOGLUTEN15 for 15% off + FREE SHIPPING!

Raw Bliss Balls – 100% natural, raw food snacks.

Raway – Gluten free chocolates.

Revolution Gelato – Organic, vegan gelato in a variety of delicious flavors. Use code “STOCKUP” for 20% off your order.

Safely Delicious – Crunchy cereal snacks that are free from gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and eggs. Vegan, too.FREE SHIPPING on orders $30 or more, no code needed – And save 15% off orders with code: SPRINGFLING15

Sattva Vida – Vegan & gluten-free energy bites.

Seven Sundays – Gluten-free muesli, with grain-free muesli options. All proceeds until April 10th will be donated to The Sheridan Story, a non-profit helping food insecure families.

Sorbatto – Dairy, gluten, nut, and soy free Sorbet.

Tom & Jenny’s – Keto-friendly, sugar-free caramels, created by a dentist with a sweet tooth! Free shipping on orders over $25.

Wasa Crispbread Crackers – Crunchy & wholesome crispbread crackers, offering gluten free varieties since 2018.  Perfect as a swap for sandwich bread to make a delicious quick snack or easy lunch.

Xochitl – Certified Gluten-Free, non-GMO Authentic corn tortilla chips and salsas.


Built Bar – High-protein bars available in a wide variety of flavors.

Chomps – Grass-fed beef jerky sticks and free range turkey jerky sticks. 15% Off + Free Shipping using code: SIMPLYGF15.

Don’t Go Nuts – Snack bars and protein spreads made without tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, eggs, or gluten.

Healthy Truth – Distributor of clean, honest, plant-based superfood snacks, powders, and bars. Enter: staysafe20 for 20% off

Kate’s Real Food – Bars that are made with wholesome, organic ingredients.

Mulay’s – Delicious gluten-free meatballs, chorizo, bratwurst, and sausages. (Hint: make a killer meatball sub with Mulay’s and MYBREAD baguettes!)

LivBar – Organic, plant-based, baked energy bars, free from gluten, soy, dairy, corn, and peanuts. Free shipping on all orders and use code SIMPLY30 for 30% off

OWYN – Plant-based protein powders, protein drinks, meal-replacement drinks, and more.

OHi Food Co – Refrigerated,100% plant-based BARS packed with superfood nutrition! All free from gluten (certified), grain (certified), soy and preservatives. Free shipping on 2 boxes or more. Enter: SimplyGF10 at check out for 10% off your entire order through May 31, 2020

Paleo Pro – Paleo-friendly protein powders and bars made from grass-fed, pasture-raised beef.

Pig of the month – Ribs just the way all barbecue lovers want them: perfectly seasoned, tender-on-the-inside but crispy-on-the-outside, smoky, and mouthwatering—just tear-off-the-bones good barbecue. free shipping during April with code: aprilshipping

SoLo GI – Gluten Free with delicious dessert flavours and vegan plant-based options too. Use code “GF20” for 20% off your order, plus all offers get free shipping over $75 now through 6/30/20

Superseedz – Gluten free pumpkin seed snacks.

True Nutrition – High-quality, customizable protein powders.

Wild Grill Foods – Healthy, Wild-caught Salmon Burgers and Sausages.

Wolo – Protein bars that are low in sugar, high in fiber, soy-free, and non-GMO.


Bone Suckin’ Sauce – Delicious, flavorful barbecue sauces, marinades, wing sauces, and more.

Dollop Gourmet – Gourmet frosting.

Doux South Pickles – Pickles, relishes & mustards.

Flavor Bombs – Gluten free cooking bases made with savory ingredients. DOUBLE any order received, free of charge.

Full Flavor Foods – Gluten-free soup stocks, cheese sauces, gravies, and more. Use discount code: FFF15SGF for 15% off, valid through 9/30/2020

Hatch Chile Co. – Authentic, flavorful canned chilies, salsas, and enchilada sauce.

Kaari Foods – We create plant based versions of your favorite dressings and sauces, that taste good and are good for you!

Little’s Cuisine – seasonings for the perfect meals for the current crisis – taco mixes, chili flavorings and more!  Little’s Cuisine offers good-for-you seasoning mixes and blends that satisfy consumers and are convenient, great tasting and clean label foods. Artisan seasonings, blended with the greatest care that bring out the most flavor in any dish. No artificial ingredients, no added MSG and are certified gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO project verified.

New Barn Organics – Organic, dairy-free essentials. Shipped right to your door.

Hawaiian Rainbow Bees – Natural Hawaiian honey.

Kelapo – Coconut oil, coconut oil cooking spray, and ghee products. Organic and certified Fair Trade.

Nuco – Coconut-based products like wraps, mayo, and oil. Keto, Paleo, vegan, and low carb.

Once Again Nut Butter – Gluten-free certified nut and seed butters.

Orange Muslin – Organic Ghee.

Paleo Powder – Grain-free seasonings and breadless breadings.

Rock Maple – Certified organic, pure maple syrup that’s been multi-filtered with nothing added.

Spicely Organics – Organic + Gluten-Free Spices, Herbs and Seasonings. Use the following code for 15% of your next order of $65 or more: NEVERGIVEUP2020.

The Amazing Chickpea – An amazing chickpea spread made without nuts*, dairy or gluten ingredients.

The Art of Broth – Plant-based vegetable flavored broth.

Thrive Sauce Co. – Curry sauces, satay sauces, spicy sauces & more. 19% off on all sauces and free shipping on orders over $35 plus use code: GF-ELITE for an additional $5 off!

Tillen Farms – Pickled vegetables and jarred cherries.

VitaminSea Seaweed – Vitamin rich seaweed.

Wholesome Sweeteners – Non-GMO & certified gluten-free sweeteners & candies.

Meal Solutions

Captain Soup – Frozen Ancestral Soups shipped to your door. new customers a $15 discount on their first order with the code: “gluten-free”

Explore Cuisine – Protein-rich bean pastas that are naturally gluten-free and full of healthy fiber.

Hudson River Foods – Hudson River Foods is a family of brands creating healthier foods for healthier lifestyles.

Jack & the Bean Soup – delicious and easy meal solutions.

Quattrobimbi – Gluten-free pasta, cookies and crackers imported from Italy. Get free shipping on orders over $75 with code “FREESHIP”

Starlite Cuisine – Frozen taquitos and enchiladas that are not just gluten-free, but also vegan. (Note: Their tacos are not gluten-free.)

Taste Republic – Delicious gluten free pastas. Order two 6-packs for free shipping!

Veggies Made Great – Veggies are the first ingredient in each product, from frittatas to superfood veggie cakes to muffins and more. Use code “VEGGIES25” for 25% off.

Delivery options

Belcampo – Restaurant take-out and delivery in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, online store with packaged meats, bone broth, jerky and more for delivery.

Biaggi’s – Italian restaurant serving gluten-free options. Locations throughout the Midwest. Get 20% off online orders & free delivery.

Lilac Patisserie – A dedicated gluten free bakery and cafe.

Rainbow Provisions – Local Food Delivered Locally (by the folks at King of Pops).

Steiner’s New York Coffee Cake – Now serving on UberEats or DoorDash for Nassau County, NY. Enter code: MYFRIEND15 for 15% off


Air Scense – Naturally refreshing air fresheners & toilet pre-sprays. Enter code: simply15 for 15% off your total purchase. Good until 6/6/2020

Allergic Traveler – Allergen cards for dining out, translated into multiple languages.

Ancient Nutrition – Collagen, bone broth protein powder, probiotics, vitamins, herbs/mushrooms, and essential oils.

Beauté Minerals – Mineral makeup company that sells foundation, blush, lipstick, and more. Use code “TOGETHER” for 20% off.

Biohealth Nutrition – Naturally flavored supplements.

Body Ecology – Probiotics, prebiotics, and superfood supplements.

Childlife Essentials – Vitamins and supplements specially formulated for children, plus prenatal vitamins. Free shipping with $20 purchase on iherb.com.

Dr. D’s – Pain relief supplements, including turmeric.

Environmedica – Immune support supplements including symbiotics. Free shipping on orders over $49.

Epilynx Cosmetics – This company is currently making hand sanitizer for the COVID-19 crisis. Free shipping in the US. Use code “epilynx” for 20% off.

Panax CBD Corp – Ginseng energy drinks.

FRESHPAPER – FRESHPAPER sheets keep fruits & veggies fresh for up to 2-4x longer, naturally! 20% off with code SIMPLYGLUTENFREE

Further Food – Health-based company that offers collagen powders, turmeric, matcha, ashwagandha, and curcumin.

Gluten Free Remedies – Gluten-free supplements created by rheumatologist Dr. Alexander Shikhman. Spend $150, get $15 off your order.

Great Lakes Gelatin – Gelatin and collagen for healthy skin, bones, hair, and joints.

Imaware – At-home screening tests for celiac disease and other health issues.

KPS Essentials – Gluten Free hand sanitizer & Organic skin care products. 15% off with code: FIGHTCVD15


Mill Creek Botanicals – Natural hair care and skin care products. Free shipping on orders over $50.

Molly’s Suds – Laundry detergent and other household cleaning products that are made with safe ingredients. Enter code: SGF15 for 15% off!

Ollois – Homeopathic single medicines for various symptoms including ear/nose/throat, stress/sleep, pain, etc.

PlusCBD – Hemp-derived CBD products, including capsules, oils, gummies, and more. Get 25% off + free shipping.

Redd Remedies – Natural supplements that achieve and maintain healthy, whole body balance.

Sarah Kaminski – offers allergen friendly meal planning service. Use code WINNING for $5 off 1 month.

Silver Fern Brand – Products for a Healthier Gut. Use code SIMPLYGF for 10% off

Waterwise – Water distillers for faucets or countertop use, plus air purifiers.

Winged – CBD products with an emphasis on women’s health and wellness.

Zion Health – Personal care products, detox and supplements. 10% off entire purchase with code: new10

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