BOU Tomato Soup and ParmCrisps

Comfort food made easy with BOU & ParmCrisps

As I write this, I’m feeling a bit under the weather. I could really go for something warm and comforting, like a bowl of soup with crackers. Hmm … let me raid my pantry real quick and see what I can uncover.

Ah-ha! Canned tomatoes, BOU bouillon cubes, an onion, some garlic, some seasonings, and ParmCrisps. I can work with that. Despite feeling a bit “meh” today, I can definitely muster up the energy to chop an onion and some garlic, sautéed it in butter, add bouillon, water, canned tomatoes, and a little bit of salt, pepper, and oregano, and let it simmer while I lay back down. Before you know it, I have a steamy bowl of soup topped with some Pizza ParmCrisps. This ought to make me feel better in no time!

Pizza ParmCrisps and Tomato Soup

If you’ve never tried ParmCrisps before, allow me to convince you to run out and buy a bag. Their newest flavor – Pizza – is so delicious! ParmCrisps are 100% Parmesan cheese, with the addition of some seasonings and herbs for most flavors. The Pizza ones, though, have tomato, basil, and turkey pepperoni in them – YUM. Because ParmCrisps are made with 100% Parmesan cheese, they’re actually suitable for many people with lactose intolerance because Parmesan is an extremely low-lactose cheese. They’re also naturally gluten-free, carb-free, Keto-friendly, and packed with protein, making them an excellent alternative to regular gluten-free crackers.

BOU Tomato Soup

And how about BOU? Have you tried their bouillon cubes? I practically banished bouillon from my pantry years ago when trying to cut back on salt, but recently I discovered BOU (pronounced boo) which contains 30% less sodium than other leading brands of bouillon cubes. This brought bouillon back into my pantry and I’m so glad it did! Bouillon is a great way to add flavor to not only soups and stews, but to casseroles, potato dishes, vegetable recipes, and even cocktails (Bloody Mary, anyone?).

If you’re looking for something simple to make for lunch, homemade tomato soup made with BOU and topped with ParmCrisps is an excellent option. And check out more ways to cook with BOU here and more ways to use ParmCrisps here.

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  1. julie n
    February 18, 2019

    I have also banished boullion cubes, thanks for the post and the recommendation for BOU products.

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