GF Quinoa con Pollo

Gluten Free Quinoa con Pollo

The first recollection I have of Arroz con Pollo (chicken and rice) was from watching reruns of the I love Lucy show. It’s the one where Lucy is trying to tell her non-English speaking mother-in-law what they are having for dinner. Lucy acts out being a chicken and does a

Gluten Free Dirty Quinoa

Gluten Free Dirty Quinoa Recipe

I love New Orleans!

I have visited the city at its most wildly wicked wonderfulness (Mardi Gras) and been there at its most vulnerable (a day after Katrina hit), and I have seen for myself how this remarkable city has

Gluten Free Quinoa Fried Rice

Gluten Free Pork Fried Quinoa Rice Recipe

Ever had one of those days where you were running flat out all day, handling this, that, and the other thing? One of those days when you arrive home later than usual, starving, and too tired to go out to dinner, let alone cook?

Well it happens to me more often than I would like. But one thing I really don’t like is