Gluten free Quick Fruit Herb Jams

Simple Fruit Herb Jam Recipe

Every once in a while I get this idea that I am someone I’m not. Like when I decide I’m really Martha Stewart and can fashion a 10 foot Christmas tree out of gilded pinecones. Or when I decide I’m really

Gluten Free Quick Green Bean Pickles

Quick Pickled Dilled Green Beans Recipe

I used to think making pickles was something other people did – wise, earthy people who lived on idyllic farms in pastoral settings with huge farmhouse kitchens and time on their hands due to a simpler way of life. I wanted to


The Joy of Canning for Beginners

When summer finally arrives and the fresh produce starts rolling into the farmers’ markets where I live in Seattle, I can’t wait to get out my canning books and start planning my preserving projects for the summer. Of course, as the editor of the Canning Across America website, I have to keep up on canning […]