Pastel de Elote Cake topped with cream and fresh berries on a white cake stand on a wooden table

Pastel de Elote (Sweet Mexican Corn Cake)

‘Pastel de Elote’ is also known as Sweet Mexican Corn Cake. This traditional dessert is moist and dense, with a bread pudding like texture, and is wonderful topped with fresh strawberries, powdered sugar, whipped cream, and even vanilla ice scream.

Gluten Free Mexican Baked Beans and Corn Cakes

Gluten Free Mexican Baked Beans with Corn Cakes Recipe

I am such a huge fan of Mexcian food that if I can find a way to Mexicanize something, I will.

Baked beans are a classic summertime favorite for serving alongside barbecues and picnics. I started to wonder; could I take this iconic American dish and Mexicanize it? Yep!

To turn my gluten free recipe for Mexican Baked Beans into a whole meal I decided to whip up some corn cakes to serve the beans on top of. This is a wonderful gluten free, dairy free meal which is easily made vegan.

Typically baked beans are cooked in a low oven for hours. My hubby has threatened to lock me in the kitchen if I turn the oven on for hours on end during our hot, steamy Florida summers. Now if I had to pick one room to be locked into, it would certainly be the kitchen but I decided to

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