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Gluten Free Portobello Eggs Florentine Recipe

Get ready for an eggs-plosion of flavor! An eggs-traordinary combination of savory mushrooms, creamy eggs and addictive sauce! An eggs- OK, I’m done. Sorry for all the eggs-tra puns. (Really, that was the last one.) It’s just that this

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Gluten Free Eggs Benedict Casserole Recipe

Brunch is a lovely way to entertain, especially for Easter. Typically, brunch is less expensive to host than serving the same amount of people at a dinner party. And what better way to enjoy a lovely spring day? A brunch menu can really include any type of food you want – breakfast, lunch, sweet, savory […]

Gluten Free Arepas with Poached Eggs

Gluten Free Eggs Bolivar Recipe

As I have probably mentioned before, brunch is one of my very favorite ways to entertain. For times when I want to entertain a lot of people at one time, I throw a cocktail party. But for more intimate gatherings where I really want to spend quality time with my guests, I prefer brunch.

Brunch is relaxed, easy, and a lot less stressful than dinner. It is also sophisticated in an unassuming way. And there is

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Latke Benny’s

Written by Cara Lyons

Gluten Free Eggs Benedict Strata Recipe

Gluten Free Eggs Benedict Strata Recipe

If you are having house guests for Thanksgiving weekend then chances are you are most likely going to have to feed them something besides left over turkey, especially for breakfast. No matter what anyone says, they really will eventually want to

Gluten Free Southwestern Eggs Benedict Recipe

Gluten Free Southwestern Eggs Benedict Recipe

Funny how indulgence breeds indulgence. It seems that when one has indulged in perhaps a little too much wine or one two many martinis (dirty made with gin for me, extra dirty, extra olive) the proper cure is to indulge in a sinfully rich breakfast with all the essential components; a little protein, a little fat, some

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