Flu and Cold Remedies

Staying Healthy in Flu Season with Body Ecology

We are still in the thick of flu season, people! Are you doing what you can to stay well? I think I can speak for us all when I say that no one wants to get hit with the flu or a cold or any other common winter illness. That said, here are some

Citrus Fruit

Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

As the weather cools and we spend more time indoors, colds and flus become more frequent. If you ask most people what causes a cold or flu, they’ll tell you a virus. Well, I’d like to correct that viewpoint. Yes, colds are a leading cause of visits to the doctor and missed days from work […]

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Hidden Infections and Gluten Intolerance

I’ve been a bad blogger! No post in ages. I just returned from a little family vacation in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was nice to go home again but the problem is that whenever I go back I am at a loss to see why I ever moved in the first place. I […]