Gluten Free Baked Veggie Spaghetti

Gluten-Free Baked Veggie Spaghetti

This Gluten-Free Baked Veggie Spaghetti is a simple one-dish meal that can be doubled for a crowd. You can also change up the vegetables.

Two Cheese Pizza with Oregano

Gluten-Free Two-Cheese Pizza with Oregano

This Gluten-Free Two-Cheese Pizza with Oregano is a vegetarian recipe with a classic flavor combination of fresh oregano, tomato, and cheeses.

Gluten Free Melon, Ham and Burrata Salad

Gluten-Free Melon, Ham & Burrata Salad

This salad is a wonderful balance of flavors with the sweetness from the melon, saltiness from the ham, and the savory creaminess of the burrata cheese (or fresh mozzarella).

Gluten Free Italian Pasta Bake

Gluten-Free Italian Pasta Bake Recipe

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you’re gearing up for a great New Year! If you’re looking for something that is not holiday leftovers, not ham or turkey or stuffing … if you’re done with all that food and ready for something else, this

Gluten Free Antipasto Pasta Salad Feature 1.jpg

Gluten Free Antipasto Pasta Salad Recipe

I absolutely love pasta salad, quinoa salad, and other types of “salad” for summertime. I typically keep a big bowl of some sort of salad in my fridge as an easy side dish for dinners. Also, they are great to bring to summer barbecues and potlucks, especially

Pulled Pork and Pinapple Pizza 11.jpg

Pizza with Pulled Pork, Pineapple, Jalapeños & Arugula

Written by Kim Maes

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