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Chickpea Pot Pie

Written by Ricki Heller

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Chicken Pot Pie

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Curried Chicken & Root Vegetable Pot Pie

Written by Cara Lyons

Gluten Free Chicken Cacciatore

Gluten Free Chicken Cacciatore Pot Pie Recipe

Chicken Cacciatore is an Italian “hunter style” dish of braised chicken that simmers away filling your house with delightful scents. It is best eaten with a bit of focaccia or Italian bread on the side to sop up the juices. And these are both gluten free recipes for another day – a lazy day when you have time to cook and sip wine and sit down for a leisurely meal.

This recipe is a spin on Chicken Cacciatore turned into one of my favorite things – a pot pie. I LOVE pot pies, I make them out of everything; chicken, roasted vegetables, beef, and even seafood. Usually I make them fairly traditionally with the ingredients surrounded by a thickened stock and baked with either a pie crust topping or even polenta. But for this recipe I switched things up a bit.

Gluten Free Polenta Pot Pies Recipe

Gluten Free Polenta Pot Pies Recipe

It seems like only yesterday we were popping champagne corks and heralding in the new decade. Now it is March! Where has the time gone? For me and possibly for you as well, it has rushed by in a flurry of frenzied activity; the days are long and filled to the brim with things to do, places to go

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