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Tillen Farms: Freshness in Every Jar

The volcanic soil of the Yakima Valley in Washington State is the setting for the Tillen Farms premium line of pickled vegetables and fruits. The rich soil and water from the Cascade Mountains, along with the careful tending and processing, ensure the highest quality product including eight varieties of fruits.

Tim and Helen Metzger founded Tillen Farms in an effort to continue the commitment to excellence that was established by Hogue Farms more than 40 years ago. The Tillen Farms brand as born from the Hogue Farms’ canning operation that began in 1987. Tillen Farms came about when Tim purchased the business from Hogue Farms and created Metzger Specialty Brands in late 2002 with the caveat that the brand needed renaming.

The Tillen Farms brand name is derived from the first two letters of Tim’s name (Ti), the last two letters from his daughter Jill’s name (Il), and the last two letters from Helen’s name (en), resulting in “Tillen.” The new brand name was introduced by 2004. Tillen Farms stays true to the legacy left by Hogue Farms through the continuing use of the original recipes and packing facility.

I became familiar with Tillen Farms when they introduced the first and only line of maraschino cherries made without preservatives, dyes, and corn syrup. I then learned that this company offers a complete line of gluten-free and Kosher certified pickled vegetables and fruits that boast very clean ingredient labels while remaining low in calories and combining fiber and protein.

Setting themselves apart from other companies, Tillen Farms pickled vegetables are harvested fresh from the fields and remain minimally in exposed to heat so that they don’t “cook” in the jar. They are blanched and rapidly cooled, resulting in an end product that locks in that “fresh from the field” flavor. Their proprietary, all-natural processing produces vegetables that stay crispy and crunchy indefinitely, a claim that no other marinated product can make.

From appetizers to drinks, Tillen Farms offers gourmet products for a variety of uses. If you are looking for cherries to top your favorite dessert or as an accompaniment to your favorite drink, try their Merry Maraschino Cherries or Bada Bing Cherries. Tillen Farms’ dilly beans, crunchy carrots, asparagus, and beans, along with snap peas, sweet bell peppers, and Sunnyside tomatoes.

The Tillen Farms line of pickled vegetables and fruits can be purchased online and at various retail outlets across the United States.


Written by Jennifer Harris

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