PaleoPro, ParmCrisps, and Wolo Bar for traveling

3 healthy gluten-free snacks for traveling

Traveling is one of the greatest joys in life. Getting to venture away from the ordinary, meeting new people, seeing new things, trying new foods … it’s a wonderful experience. When you’re traveling gluten-free, it’s sometimes a little overwhelming for some people. Once you get the hang of it and you prepare ahead, it gets easier. One of the best ways to prepare ahead is to pack nourishing, protein-rich, delicious snacks. If you feel satisfied with the snacks you pack, then it’s much easier to enjoy the journey.

Recently, I’ve been traveling quite a bit. I’ve been going to and from gluten-free and natural products expos and there are more to come this year, so my snack-packing game is strong right now. Here are a few snacks I’ve been packing lately that I think you’ll enjoy, too!

Wolo Bars for Travel

WOLO WanderBars

Finally, a bar that doesn’t melt or get crushed in your bag, or crumble as you eat it. I mean, how fun is it to be eating a granola bar and get crumbs all down your shirt and pants. Not much, right? When you chomp into a WOLO bar, the rest of the bar stays intact and doesn’t crumble into your lap. They aren’t covered in chocolate, so they don’t melt, making them ideal to throw into your carry-on or checked baggage.

They’re travel friendly, but are they good? YES! They are available in Cocoa Crunch, Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate Chip, S’mores, Salted Caramel, and Lemon Cake, and each one is delicious. I love the Cocoa Crunch and S’mores ones best.

Besides being travel friendly and delicious, there’s one more important thing WOLO bars have going for them. They are nutritious. They contain 15 grams of protein, plus they’re made with a blend of vitamin C, zinc, turmeric, coconut oil, and flaxseed for an antioxidant/immunity boost. Flaxseed is good for aiding digestion, turmeric helps decrease inflammation, zinc and vitamin c help with your immune system, and coconut oil has bacteria- and fungal-fighting properties. All of this makes them ideal for traveling, when your immune system and health can become compromised.

ParmCrisps Jalapeno


If you enjoy snacking on cheese and crackers but have never found a practical way to do so while traveling, allow me to introduce you to ParmCrisps! It’s cheese. No, it’s a cracker. It’s a cracker made entirely of cheese!

ParmCrisps are 100% aged Parmesan cheese baked to perfection into a crisp. They are available in plain (Original) or in a variety of flavors, including Sesame, Pizza, and Jalapeno. These babies are perfect for travel snackin’ because they are packed with protein and contain 0 carbs, so you’ll get more sustainable energy and you won’t be mindlessly munching on empty carbs throughout your entire plane ride.

There are many recipes using ParmCrisps that you can try, but obviously for traveling you’ll just want to grab a pouch of your favorite flavor and toss it in your carry-on. Another option, besides the pouches, is to try the Trios. These are sophisticated snack packs which contain ParmCrisps, fruit, and nuts/seeds. All you need is one of those little bottles of airplane wine and you’ve got yourself a makeshift wine and cheese platter!

ParmCrisps are also keto-friendly, for those of you looking for keto snacks.

Paleo Pro Greens Powder

Paleo Pro Greens Powder

Snacking can also take the form of a shake. Packed with healthy greens like kale, alfalfa, and spirulina, plus fiber-rich hemp seeds, Paleo Pro’s Greens Powder is an excellent addition to your travel snacks. Mix a scoop of this powder into water or almond milk and drink it before you go on a trip, in between layovers in the airport, and/or after you get to your destination. If you’re taking a plane, train, or automobile, you can certainly bring a bag of Paleo Greens Powder with you. The TSA states that any powders over 12 ounces must be stored in checked luggage, but this product comes in a 9.4-ounce bag, so you can certainly bring it on your carry-on. Toss a shaker bottle into your bag and just get some water after you get through security and you’ll be good to go!

What I like about bringing this with me to travel is that if I don’t feel like eating something, but I know my body could use a little boost, this helps. It contains a bit of protein, lots of iron and B12, a hefty dose of vitamin K, and is a good source of fiber, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins A and C. When you’re traveling, it’s important to try to support your immune system to avoid getting sick during or after your trip. All the public places, close quarters in a plane or train, and irregular sleeping and eating patterns can definitely take your body for a loop, so something nutritious like this Greens Powder is always a must-have for me.

This powder is not only Paleo-friendly, but also vegan and free from soy.

So there you have it – my current go-to travel snacks. What are some of your favorite snacks to pack for a trip?

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