Celiac Awareness Month

Pantry products for Celiac Awareness Month

May is Celiac Awareness Month, which is a time of year dedicated to raising awareness (obviously) of celiac disease and its symptoms. Encouraging others in your family to get diagnosed, spreading the word on social media about the wide range of symptoms that can occur, sharing your story with others – however you want to lend a hand during Celiac Awareness Month is perfectly fine. We at Gluten Free & More will continue doing what we do every day – sharing recipes, product recommendations, advice, cooking tips, and more. Today, we’ve decided to share with you a list of some of our favorite products that are in our pantry here at the office kitchen.

Kelapo Ghee

Kelapo Ghee & Coconut Oil

If you’re gluten-free and also dairy-free, Kelapo coconut oil is a great way to replace butter in recipes or when cooking. It’s available in a spray or regular oil and is organic, unrefined, and Fair Trade approved. For those who can have dairy but want the best possible choice for their butter needs, Kelapo’s ghee (clarified butter) comes from grass-fed, pasture raised cows. Through the clarification process, the water and milk solids are removed, leaving a rich, golden butter that is lactose and casein free! You can also try their 50/50 blend, which is half coconut oil and half ghee. Of course, all of Kelapo’s products are gluten-free, and they are also Paleo-friendly!

Built Bar Banana Nut Bread

Built Bar

Protein is important for everyone, but we don’t always have time to fit in a full meal in order to meet our body’s protein demands. That’s where protein bars come in, but unfortunately not all of them are gluten-free and tasty. That’s why, when we find a protein bar that’s gluten-free AND tastes great, we spread the word! Built Bar is the newest one on our radar and we’re loving the wide variety of flavors, including peanut butter and chocolate, banana bread, and more. It has all the right macronutrients, too! These are pretty chewy, which most of us enjoy, but some of us prefer to refrigerate them to make them a little less chewy – either way, you’re bound to love Built Bar!

Dr Praeger's Chick'n Tenders

Dr. Praeger’s

Dr. Praeger’s is a longtime favorite of ours but their new Pure Plant Protein items are welcome additions to our freezer. We like the Perfect Burger and the Chick’n Tenders, both of which are packed with protein and veggies. They are not just gluten-free, but also vegan, which makes them perfect for the diverse diets of our staff. Veggie burgers are great, not just to make a burger but to chop into pieces and scatter into a salad, mix into other leftovers like pasta, or add some protein to another frozen meal that might not be too high in protein on its own. Dr. Praeger’s has been making delicious foods for more than 25 years, and it just keeps getting better!

Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur with Cake


We all need a little unwinding these days, am I right? That’s why Mozart made our list. We’ve been enjoying happy hour cocktails after work or on the weekends and this dark chocolate liqueur is the perfect thing to not only relax and unwind, but to satisfy your sweet tooth. Not all alcohol is gluten-free, and not all Mozart varieties are guaranteed to be gluten-free – for now just the dark chocolate variety is, which is fine by me because I love dark chocolate! Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur is great on the rocks, in a blended cocktail, or even as an addition to baked goods.

Flax4Life Toasted Coconut Muffins


With an emphasis on flax for healthy fiber, lignans, and omega 3s, Flax4Life isn’t your ordinary baked goods company. Their products, which include muffins, cakes, granola, brownies, and more, are not just healthier choices but they also taste amazing and come in a variety of flavors. They are a family owned and operated bakery that is dedicated and certified gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free (except coconut). Plus, they are all natural and free from preservatives and cholesterol. A win-win on so many levels, Flax4Life makes gluten-free nutritious AND delicious!

Hatch Chile Enchiladas

Hatch Chili

Oddly enough, not all foods that are naturally gluten-free are still gluten-free by the time they get packaged and put on the shelf. Things like canned goods, broth, and even meat might have gluten ingredients added to them during processing. This is why it’s important to always read labels and opt for brands that you trust. Hatch Chile Company is a brand we trust. They make canned chilies, enchilada sauce, salsa, and more – all of which are gluten-free. Get a meal on the table quickly and deliciously with Hatch products!

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