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How was your Thanksgiving turkey raised?

Thanksgiving is about being thankful for family, friends, and what you have in life, including food. As you slow down this holiday season and reflect on the things in your life you’re grateful for, why not reflect on where your food comes from and the work it takes from many individuals throughout the country to bring you the delicious meal you have before you. That said – do you know where your food came from? Do you know the details about the centerpiece of your meal – the turkey? If you usually don’t know the origins of your Thanksgiving dinner but you’d like to make a conscious effort to choose wisely this year, allow me to introduce you to a wonderful brand I just learned about: Farmer Focus.

Farmer Focus promotes and protects generational farming by partnering with independent family farmers to responsibly raise organic poultry. Headquartered in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley, every product is traceable back to the nearly 70 family farms that bring organic, humanely raised and high-quality poultry to your table.

They’ve offered chicken since their founding, but this year they’ve added turkey, which is available now through December at select Kroger locations, all Fresh Thyme locations, natural stores, and online through FreshDirect.com. Visit Farmer Focus store locator to see where you can grab one online or in stores near you.

Turkey Farmers

These turkeys are a breed of heirloom turkeys that have a long purebred lineage. They grow more slowly, like the birds of the past, leading to a more tender, juicy, and better-tasting bird. The turkeys are raised on two farms: Nash Hill Farms, by the Farmer Focus CEO, Corwin Heatwole, and Round Hill Farms, by the Thompsons, a family of third-generation farmers.

Farmer Focus Turkey will retail from $4.99 to $5.99 per lb. with an average weight of around 13 lbs., making this the perfect alternative for the smaller gatherings expected this holiday season. Larger turkeys take longer to cook, making the outer meat more likely to dry out. Birds under 14 lbs. tend to cook more evenly, giving you consistent and delicious turkey. Each Farmer Focus turkey will feed about 6-8 people. For larger gatherings, 2 turkeys will take a similar time to cook as one larger bird.

Learn more about Farmer Focus turkeys.

Get the recipe for Farmer Focus Dry Brine Turkey (as seen in the featured image at the top of this post).

Focus Farms Heirloom Turkey

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