Budapest from the Danube River at sundown with the city lit up and the sky and water vibrant blue

Cruising Europe Gluten Free

Imagine if you could, a cruise line that is completely gluten-free, from the appetizers to the desserts to the meals you eat on excursions. Sounds like a dream, right? It’s not. It’s reality! Celiac Cruise, a company dedicated to organizing celiac-friendly cruises, is organizing a European cruise for 2022 that will be 100% gluten-free. In fact, not only have they been organizing this cruise, but it’s SOLD OUT. And that’s why I’m happy to announce that they have just opened up a second European cruise in 2022 – so get it while it’s hot!

This new booking will run from October 30 to November 6, 2022. It will essentially be the return cruise of the first one (same ship), going in the opposite direction of the first (sold out) cruise. This one departs from Vilshofen and has a few different stops. The stops include Passau, Linz, Durstein, Weissenkirchen, Vienna, and Bratislava, with a final disembarkation in Budapest. The adventure will begin with an authentic Oktoberfest celebration in Vilshofen, Germany, complete with gluten-free beer and gluten-free soft pretzels! This Danube river sailing will be full of beautiful sights, fun stops, and delicious gluten-free food and drinks. You won’t want to miss this!

Closeup of gluten-free German soft pretzels with salt on top

What’s also nice about this cruising is that this sailing will have a philanthropic twist to it. A portion of proceeds from this cruise will go towards a food insecurity project to help those in the celiac disease community who struggle to adequately access gluten-free food due to the higher cost of gluten-free foods. Through Celiac Cruise’s partnership for this project, they will feed families across the U.S. by sending food directly to their doorstep via a relationship with the Food Equality Initiative. They will also offer nutrition education and community building opportunities
On this cruise, your 7-night all-inclusive experience includes:

  •  Luxury accommodations onboard the AmaLea
  • Complimentary internet access while onboard
  • Food and select alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages onboard
  • Castles, museums, and bike tours through ports of call
  • Immersive tours into the rich history of Europe
  • Gluten-free food tastings & pairings
  • Gluten-free Oktoberfest party with live music, beer, & soft pretzels
  • Educational opportunities with medical and community leaders
  • Excursions in each port of call for all activity levels

Visit Celiac Cruise’s website to get pricing learn more, and to pre-register for the cruise!

To learn more about Celiac Cruise’s origins and how they got started, see our other blog post here.

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  1. Mary E Rohowetz
    September 7, 2022

    anxious to see more European cruises scheduled

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