June 2024 Product Round-Up

Zing Bars 

Elevate your snacking experience with gluten-free protein bars! Created by registered dieticians that help support energy, digestive health, and immune function. Rich in prebiotics, vitamins, and a whole bunch of nuts, they are sure to boost your immunity and maintain your energy. Try out their yummy flavors like dark chocolate cherry and peanut butter chocolate chip. They are outright good-tasting!


Taste Republic (Plant-Based Sausage Tortellini)

You’ll never know it’s not real pasta–we promise! Combine health, indulgence, and gluten-free  in every bite! It’s flavorful, fresh, and cooks within minutes. And with grain-free and vegan options, there’s pasta for everyone! This Plant-Based Sausage Tortellini is a fan favorite filled with yummy veggies and spices that won’t disappoint your tastebuds. Don’t sacrifice any flavors or quality pasta and find it right down the street at your local Target and Whole Foods!


Oat Boss (Pumpkin)

Dive into your new favorite Energy-Boosting Granola Spread, Oat Boss Butter!

It’s delicious, nutritious, and all-natural. Go on a tasty journey with its creamy texture and exploding flavors. This allergy-friendly butter is packed full of protein and healthy fats, making it your next go-to bite on bread, veggies, or fruit. Discover its carefully crafted nut and seed free sweet flavor options like Butter Donut and Pumpkin Pie. Elevate your taste buds without ever feeling guilty and try the endless possibilities with Oat Boss Butter!


LivOn (Vitamin C)

A family-owned and female-led company produces the first dietary supplement that targets your cells. Their mission is to heal the word by making nutrient absorption more accessible. What more could you want from your daily Vitamin C? It’s clinically proven to help support the immune system and is a must in helping with exercise recovery, liver health, and cell membrane function, just to name a few. Easily down it in a 1-3 oz cool beverage and you’re good to go for the day!


Gluten Free Prairie–Montana Morning Granola

A family owned business built in Big Sky Country, Montana featuring products with the star ingredient: certified gluten-free oats! Designed to bring you the best in taste, nutrition, and safety, their products cater to those with gluten sensitivities, celiac disease, or anyone looking to enjoy healthier eating without compromising on flavor. Try their Montana Mornings Granola for a gourmet all-natural gluten-free snack that is yummy on its own or delicious to add to your yogurts, baked goods, or smoothie bowls!


Flax4Life (lemon zest cookies)

Want to taste the best flax-based gluten-free baked goods made from a family-owned business on the market? Not only is everything they make delicious, but it’s packed with healthy Omega 3’s and protein to help support your mind, bones, and tummy. And as an added bonus their future plant-based packaging is now good for the environment! Don’t miss out on enjoying one of their Summer favorites: Lemon Zest Cookies packed with Omega 3’s.  Enjoy them anytime of day as a snack or a sweet treat, but either way you’ll be coming back for more!


Epilynx by Dr. Liia –highlighter and lip gloss

A pharmacist creates Epilynx to help restore and infuse a healthy skin glow with allergy friendly skincare and cosmetics! Not only are all her products great for sensitive skin, but they help treat different ailments like dryness, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Try out these makeup favorites: the Intense Hydration Lip Butter that nourishes and hydrates for up to 12 hours, the Liquid Highlighter Drops for a perfect glow anywhere, or the flawless Under Eye Concealer to hide all those dark circles and imperfections!


ChildLife (Aller-Care, Berry Smoothie Bowls)

Worried about your child’s overall health and immunity? Say goodbye to the worry and say hello to the happier, healthier future with ChildLife Liquid Aller-Care. It’s an easy way to support kids’ immune systems and responses for those sensitive to environmental substances. Packed with antioxidants and herbal extracts that have no artificial flavors, Childlife is doctor developed, kid approved, and gluten-free. The delicious grape liquid formula ensures your child has the healthiest immune system. Let’s keep your kids healthy and happy and try it out in a Berry Smoothie Bowl today!


Chelsea Approved-Chocolate Chip Cookies

Enjoy all your childhood favorites with Chelsea Approved! These baking mixes capture the classic flavors and nostalgia of delicious baked goods that are all gluten-free and vegan! Have fun baking a classic Chocolate Chip Cookie favorite.  Not only are they made with simple ingredients and easy to make, but they are irresistibly delicious!


Canyon Bakehouse (country white bread)

It’s that simple. Canyon Bakehouse wants you to love bread again. And that’s what they’ve done. Created breads safe for those with allergies and celiacs baked with whole grain goodness. And who doesn’t want a delicious Country White Bread staple in the house that’s also gluten-free? It’s perfect for any kind of toast, a homemade stuffing, and all sandwiches. Enjoy this delicious bread that’s also free from dairy, nuts, and soy. So look no further, this is the best gluten-free bread you’ll find in town!


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