Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Four score and seven years ago… none of us knew what gluten was. But I’m happy to say that the battlefield town where President Lincoln delivered the famous address beginning with those words is a gluten-free-friendly place to visit. Yes, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania—celebrating the150th anniversary of the famous battle this year—has something for everyone: history, battlefields, […]

Gluten Free Tech

Get Tech Savvy with Gluten-Free Technology!

We live in a mobile era where up-to-the-minute information and news is in demand and we want it at our fingertips – anytime and anywhere. Whether you prefer to use your desktop or laptop computer or click on an app on your smart phone, there are plenty of useful resources to help make gluten-free living […]

Disney Cruise

Gluten Free on the Sea

How Cruising is Fast Becoming One of the Best Options for Gluten-Free Travelers Between around-the-clock gourmet meals and midnight buffets, cruises have a way of revolving around food (at least when you’re not off enjoying one of the fabulous ports of call). But for gluten-free travelers, cruising is uncharted territory that requires navigating dangerous waters…at […]

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