Gluten Free Egg Florentine Casserole

Gluten Free Eggs Florentine Casserole Recipe

Casseroles are a lifesaver in so many ways. You throw them together and oftentimes the exact measurements aren’t super important, you can use up leftover ingredients depending on the

Gluten Free Portobello Mushroom Eggs Benedict Feature 2 1.jpg

Gluten Free Portobello Eggs Florentine Recipe

Get ready for an eggs-plosion of flavor! An eggs-traordinary combination of savory mushrooms, creamy eggs and addictive sauce! An eggs- OK, I’m done. Sorry for all the eggs-tra puns. (Really, that was the last one.) It’s just that this

Gluten Free Egg Florentine Cups

Gluten Free Egg Florentine Cups Recipe

One of the questions people new to a gluten free diet (or a low carb diet for that matter) often ask me is, “What am I going to eat for breakfast?!?” I understand this question because I grew up eating wheat or grain based foods for breakfast; cold cereal, toast, English muffins, oatmeal, cream of wheat… When I got older, bagels or a muffin were my standard morning fare.

Eggs and such were delegated to Sunday suppers when I was a child. We would often eat a large meal earlier in the day after church and have something light in the evening which often included eggs. The only time I ever had eggs for breakfast as a child was when

Gluten Free Florentine Cookies

Gluten Free Florentine Cookies Recipe

There is a lot I love about these Gluten Free Florentine Cookies and one thing that sort of drove me a little crazy. Aside from being divinely decadent, this is naturally gluten free recipe, pretty quick and simple to make and all the ingredients are easy to find in the regular grocery store.

With their burnished brown and copper tones studded with bright pops of ruby red, they remind me of an antique jewelry box filled with precious jewels. They are, for the most part, quite lovely to look at. Which brings me to the one thing about this recipe that I struggled with.

These cookies have a tendency to

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Gluten Free Home For The Holidays & Baked Eggs Florentine Recipe

An easy, elegant breakfast for your holiday plus an outrageous giveaway event!