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Hearty & Nutty Slow Cooker Granola

Written by Stephanie O’Dea

Gluten Free Sunbutter Crunch Granola

Sunbutter Crunch Granola

Continuing on with my goal to eat more breakfast in 2013 I came up with this quick recipe for gluten free, nut free granola crunch. This recipe has just 5 ingredients, requires hardly any work and best of all, can be made ahead and stored in an airtight container for when the need to crunch strikes you.

Personally I like to layer this crunch with non-fat Greek yogurt and berries in a sort of parfait. I mean, who doesn’t like eating dessert for breakfast?

Gluten Free Granola Pancakes Recipe

Gluten Free Granola Pancakes Recipe

Love gluten free pancakes? Love gluten free granola? Have I got a recipe for you! Gluten Free Granola Pancakes.

These pancakes are light and fluffy with crunch from the granola and a tart sweet bite from freeze dried raspberries. Topped with a bit of maple syrup these babies include everything that is great about breakfast.

I make up a small fresh batch of granola for the pancakes but you can certainly make the granola ahead. In fact you may as well just make a big batch for eating as is.

Gluten Free Quick Granola

Gluten Free Quick Granola Recipe

My hubby has been after me for years to come up with a gluten free recipe for granola. Up until now I have just done the same thing with that suggestion as I do with suggestions regarding how I should wear my hair – ignored it.

But I see his point. Any granola is expensive and gluten free granola can be outrageous! And he likes granola so it gets gobbled up quickly which makes it seem even more expensive. But I have been reluctant to make my own granola because it just seemed like too much work for a bowl of cereal!

As much as I would like to say that it was the desire to please my man that inspired this recipe the truth is it was a half-eaten bag of rice cakes.

There was a time when I practically lived off rice cakes – back in the day it was the only half way decent gluten free vehicle I could find for tuna fish and egg salad. As a result, I OD’ed on rice cakes and haven’t had one in probably five years! So I surprised even myself

Gluten Free Dairy Free Nut Free Granola Bars Recipe

Gluten Free Granola Bars Recipe

Super easy granola bars that are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, vegan and refined sugar free and yet the kids (& adults) just gobble them up!

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