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Makeup Matches for You and Your Budget

Makeup Matches for You and Your Budget: Under $30

Finding the right makeup is a lot like finding the right person to date. You search and search and search, based on pictures and descriptions, and if you’re lucky, maybe
a review or two from someone who knows them. Then you pick one, take a deep breath, and make the match happen. Is it magic? Or is it a flop? You won’t know until you try it for yourself.

This is of course part of the fun of makeup (and dating!). But sometimes it’s a little taxing to keep going out there again and again. For dating, it’s mostly emotionally taxing. But for makeup, while it can be emotionally problematic, it’s mostly taxing to
your budget! Here’s a full set of amazing makeup that is easy on the wallet and easy on the eyes. Easy on the whole face, actually.

foundation 2FOUNDATION

Southern Magnolia Mineral Cosmetics | Organic Antioxidant Liquid Mineral Foundation | $17.99

A beautifully creamy and smooth foundation, this stuff goes on andFoundation stays on without creasing, all day long. It feels light, but has a lovely coverage that belies its weight. It doesn’t get cakey and sits on your skin with an incredibly natural look and feel. It strikes that balance between not drying and not too moisturizing to make it a solid daily foundation for almost any skin type.


Omiana | Under-Eye & Blemish Intense Coverage Concealer | $26.99Concealer Article Image

It’s strikingly difficult to find a good under-eye concealer in the gluten-free world. I don’t know why! But this concealer is everything you could hope for. It doesn’t crease, it covers extremely well, brightens, and looks completely natural. The texture is slightly dewy, which gives it a look that blends into your natural skin. Like its title, this product is perfect for under the eyes or on even the most stubborn blemish. A little goes a long way,
so this concealer can last you a while.

Blush Article ImageBLUSH

Elea Blake | Get Cheeky | $12.50

There are a thousand blushes on the market, in every shade you can imagine. In stores, this isn’t such a big deal, but when most gluten-free makeup is online, it is intimidating  to figure out which ones will look good on your skin. This company solves that problem. They package samples of their blushes into an inexpensive packet, with detailed instructions on how to test every single one. By following these instructions, you’ll be taught how to find your absolute perfect blush match. Then you have some left to continue using and you’ll know what to order next when you run out.


Mirabella | Lasting Lash Waterproof Mascara | $26

MascaraOnce upon a time, waterproof gluten-free mascara was nonexistent. It’s the one thing the gluten-free makeup world did not have that everyone else had. But now we
do! And it’s amazing. It stands up to summer heat, winter rain, and the tears in your eyes from when you laugh too hard. To make it even better, it’s a gorgeous  mascara, too.  With building  and lengthening,  it looks as good as it performs.

Keeping your kit stocked with gluten-free makeup doesn’t have to break the bank. With products that are this inexpensive, you can even afford to play with colors and looks. Satisfy your love for makeup and your budget needs all at the same time! Have fun!


Afton Jones Article ImageABOUT THE AUTHOR: Afton Jones discovered that the reason her eyes swelled and watered at random was due to gluten in her mascara, so she went on the hunt for gluten-free makeup. Upon finding that no accurate resources existed, she created her own. Visit Afton on the web at

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