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Summer is here! And boy is it hot. It’s time to get prepped for the sun and fun with gluten-free summer skin care and makeup.

While many parts of your routine remain the same throughout the year, summer calls for a few changes, like extra skin protection, sweat-proofing your makeup, and dolling up for summer outfits. But don’t be daunted. This guide will take you through some of the basic steps to get in the summer groove.

Protect Your Skin

Gluten-free sunscreen can be a pain to find. But Cleure’s lovely sunscreen is safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Cleure Gluten-Free Sunscreen

Outsmart the Sweat

Finding sweat-proof makeup can be a real challenge. But as long as you choose the right type of makeup that doesn’t slide around, you can fight sweat all summer!

Powder Mineral Foundation: This type of makeup allows your skin to breathe and release perspiration without disturbing the makeup. As long as you don’t go smudging your face all over your sleeve, it stays on remarkably well. Monave’s Mineral Foundation is one of my all-time favorite mineral foundations. Monave's Mineral Foundation Powder


Powder Blush: 

Cream blush will melt and smudge, but powder blush tends to stay right where you put it no matter how damp your face gets. Lately I’ve been going mad for Everyday Minerals’ blushes in so many gorgeous colors!

Gluten-Free Powder Blush


Water-resistant Mascara: Absolute must. No ifs, ands, or buts, y’all! If you don’t use waterproof mascara you’ll end up with raccoon eyes before the day is done. I use Honeybee Gardens’ Truly Natural Mascara. Although not labeled water-resistant, I’ve found it to be surprisingly drip-free. Truly waterproof gluten-free mascara is nearly impossible to find, but until we get “the real deal” this is an excellent replacement.Gluten-Free Water Resistant Mascara




Waterproof Eyeliner: Again, an absolute must. I tend to need this even when I’m not perspiring away into a puddle of melted me, but once summer heat arrives it becomes vital for everyone. Illuminare’s Beyond Black Everlasting Eye Liner is the best gluten-free waterproof eyeliner I’ve been able to find. After it sets, its staying power is fantastic!

Gluten-Free Waterproof Eyeliner   Setting Powder: This is an especially big must if your face tends to get oily. Using a setting powder can help cut down on shine for hours after you apply it. Now if you like the shiny summer look (hey, I ain’t judgin’!), you could skip the setting powder. But if not, it will also help keep everything in place. Again, I love Everyday Minerals for this. Their version works very well.Gluten-Free Setting Powder



Soothe Sun-Ravaged Skin

Gluten Free LotionAfter a long day of sun exposure, you need something to soothe, cool, and help heal your skin. So be sure you have a gentle lotion on hand at all times. The best kind is one that includes healing ingredients—like aloe vera, for instance. My personal favorite is (seed) Body Care Lotion. It contains aloe vera for healing and shea butter for super soothing moisture.


Beat the Chlorine Burn

Gluten-Free Shampoo and Conditioner As much as I love swimming, let’s face it: it’s total murder to the hair. Dried out, brittle, and maybe even green hair (yikes!) isn’t anybody’s best look. With all of your summer swimming, make sure gentle, moisturizing hair care is a part of your routine. Ecco Bella’s Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner are both easy to find in health food stores.



Put Your Best Foot Forward

Sandal season is here, which means it’s time to get those feet into “look at me” shape! Pamper them and get rid of those Foot Care Kitrough spots with Lemongrass Spas’ Herbal Foot Care Kit.


Nail It!

Nail PolishNo summer look is complete without dainty, painted toenails peeping out from your sandals. Update your nail polish collection with some hot shades for the sizzling season. Gluten-free nail polish is surprisingly hard to find, but Zoya’s nail polish collection is the safest I have come across. Their colors are hip, up-to-date, and the perfect complement to summer outfits.

Written by Afton Jones

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