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Transitioning Out of Winter: Spring Skincare 101

You did it.

You’ve finally battled your way out of the frigid winds and blinding blizzards. Or if you’re in the south (like me), you barely survived those two whole weeks of 40ºF weather.

But as the snow melts away, it’s time once again to switch up your skincare. Your old routine was made to grapple with dry, chapped skin irritated by the winter freeze. But with the warmth of spring on the horizon, it’s time to adjust for new opponents.

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Whether you’re the gal who scrubbed hard all winter or the one who avoided it entirely because your face felt so sensitive, make sure you don’t go overboard with exfoliating this spring. Use a light scrub only once or twice a week. You don’t want to scour your face raw as the weather keeps flip-flopping around.

Also consider adding a mask to your routine to aid in your quest to avoid flaky skin. Try a clay mask to simultaneously help balance skin and remove dead cells as the weather changes.

Lighten Up

You no longer need to baby your skin with layers of heavy creams. Switch to a light moisturizer as the weather turns warm and humid. You might consider an oil-free formula, especially if your skin becomes oilier with the rise in temperature. I personally favor acne-fighting formulations as well during this time.

Consider moving from heavy liquid foundations to light mineral powder to allow your skin to breathe in the gentler weather. Save the heavy stuff for special occasions. (Incidentally, the naked skin look given by mineral foundation is very “in” this season.)

Sun Protection

Not that sunscreen should ever be forgotten, but as we ease into the vibrant rays of spring, the importance of protecting skin from the sun increases. In the spring, your skin is still accustomed to the less harsh UV rays of winter, so shielding it from the changing light is important.

Tone & Brighten

Add some life to your look by adding bronzer to your beauty routine. Apply bronzer lightly over your forehead, cheekbones, and nose to enhance your skin with a warm glow. The sun may still be flirting shyly with the world, but you’ll look like you’ve been kissed by the sun all winter long!

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Those tootsies are coming out of their boots and thick socks. Time to whip them into shape! Start by soaking your feet to soften any calluses that have built up over the past few months. Use a pumice stone on especially thick and rough areas. If you’re having trouble with dry and cracked heels, slather them with deep moisturizing cream and cover them with socks overnight for a session of soothing hydration while you sleep.

Now would also be a good time to begin shaping and filing your toenails in preparation for painted toes. Dig out those spring shades from your nail polish collection (or stock up on fresh ones!).

Shake Up Your Makeup

Move from your winter shades to something lighter and brighter for spring. Trends this season include:

  • Nearly nude: Just cover blemishes, apply some mascara, add a dab of lip gloss, and you’re good to go!
  • Flirty kitten eyes: Tiny cat eye flicks that barely come past the end of your eye are fairly simple to do, and totally in this season.
  • Spring flowers: Soft and dusty pinks, gentle blues, and earthy copper are all over the runway. Shades like these allow you to experiment with color that isn’t too overboard while still bringing your look up to speed.

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Now is a good time to refresh your makeup and skincare collection.

Products that are too old may have gone rancid and can be harboring bacteria. Continuing to use them can lead to irritation, inflammation, and even increased acne.

If your product is also sold in the UK, then it should have a “period after opening” label on the back. Beside or inside the open jar label will be a number followed by an “M.” For example, “12M.” This means that the product lasts 12 months after opening.

However, these guidelines are true no matter what:

  • Has the product changed color? Toss it! Brown or yellowy is not good.
  • Has the smell changed? Pitch it! Funky, rancid, or just plain weird new scents never bode well.
  • Has it separated into layers (when it’s not supposed to)? Throw it out. But do remember that some natural products tend to separate. Make sure the label does not indicate that this is normal.
  • Is the texture unexpectedly different? Toss it! Some natural products will react to temperatures or other environmental factors by changing texture, so check the label to make sure this is not normal before throwing it out.
  • Have black, green, or gray spots appeared? Pitch it! Bacteria have invaded your product and you’re looking at mold.

Here’s to a beautiful spring for both you and your skin!

For more information on gluten-free skincare and makeup tips for spring, visit: http://gfmg.us/spring14

Written by Afton Jones

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