OWYN Shakes for Springtime

OWYN Protein Shakes for Spring

Spring is a great time to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer! It’s a beautiful time of year (well, depending on where in the country you live, as it can definitely be a frozen tundra in some parts this time of year, but … umm … there’s skiing!). Point is, it’s a nice time to get moving. Exercise, activities, sports, however you like to get moving.

But with all that activity, you’re going to need fuel! I love protein powders, protein bars, protein shakes, and anything else protein-rich when I’m on the go or after a workout, which is why I really like OWYN protein shakes.

OWYN, which stands for Only What You Need, is a company that produces protein shakes that contain … well, only what you need and nothing you don’t. Their shakes are entirely plant-based, making them lighter than shakes that contain dairy, yet are packed with 20 grams of clean, lean protein.

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Having a shake that’s light is the best option for those who get bogged down during exercise and need to perk back up. I especially like the coffee one because it gives me that extra boost I need to power through a workout. And did I mention they are free of the top 8 allergens? The company not only sources allergen-free ingredients, but then tests the ingredients before mixing their shakes and then tests the final product before packaging. This makes these a great grab-and-go source of protein to keep stocked at my house, not just for myself but for my son who comes to visit who can’t have gluten or dairy and my grandson who has a nut allergy.

If you’re ready to get moving this spring and need a good source of protein to keep you going, I definitely suggest trying a plant-based one to keep you feeling light and energized and to me OWYN is a great option for this!

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