Gluten Free Frozen Pizza

The Best Gluten-Free Frozen Pizzas

What’s more tempting than a fresh-from-the-oven pizza with a perfect crust, bubbling cheese and fresh toppings? Not much is better! Thanks to tasty commercial brands, going gluten-free doesn’t mean you have to forgo delicious pizza.

Our readers have told us that they prefer to buy premade gluten-free frozen pizzas, rather than making their own from scratch or using premade pizza crusts. We agree—it’s great to be able to grab something quick and ready-to-go out of the freezer. With this epic taste test, we found quite a few pizzas that we’d like to eat on a regular basis, including a handful of superstar brands.

For those who prefer homemade, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of from-scratch, brand new GF pizza recipes on this site. These easy and tasty pizza recipes will have you drooling!

What We Looked For in Frozen Gluten-Free Pizza

We tested around 45 frozen gluten-free pizzas to find the best. After tasting so many varieties and emerging from our post-pepperoni haze, we came to a few conclusions.

Crust. A good crust makes all the difference. We love crusts that are crispy on the outside, yet have a bit of chew on the inside. Not so crunchy that they’re like a cracker and not so spongey that they’re like a cake batter gone wrong.

Price. With some pizzas over $10 and only serving two, we understand why price is such an issue with frozen pizza. While store-brand pizzas and huge name brands are cheaper, the quality often declines. We looked for quality first, but tried to keep price in mind, too.

Size. We appreciate large pies. When you have a bunch of hungry kids (or two hungry adults), it’s nice to have a large pizza. We were disappointed when some frozen pizzas were the size of personal pizzas, even though their packages indicated they served two or four.

Toppings. We like to see a good amount of toppings on a pizza (no measly mushrooms or skimpy sausage!). We also appreciate when a company offers different flavor varieties.

Gluten Free & More Editors’ Favorite Frozen Pizzas

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