Gluten Free Red Velvet Christmas Cupcakes

Explore nature’s palette with ColorKitchen natural food coloring

There’s just something about a red and green dessert that draws me in. It’s like Santa himself made it! But then again, if Santa made it, wouldn’t he use something healthier than Red 40 to make such vibrant treats? Artificial food colorings are known to be disruptive to our minds and bodies, especially to those of our growing children. There must be a better way to get that Rudolph red and Grinch green for our holiday desserts.

There is.

ColorKitchen is a brand that makes food coloring, sprinkles, and cake mixes from natural, plant-based sources like beets, turmeric, radish, cabbage, and spirulina. Nature is their palette and it’s a beautiful thing!

The company was founded by Ashley Phelps, a woman who suffers from allergies to chemical additives. Looking for an alternative to artificial colors led her to create ColorKitchen.

ColorKitchen’s food colorings are powdered, not liquid, which means they have a longer, more vibrant shelf life. They are versatile and something you can feel good about serving to your family and friends.

These food colorings and sprinkles are particularly great for families with children who have ADD/ADHD, food allergies, or asthma. For anyone who wants to keep themselves or their children away from artificial, chemical food colorings that have links to cancer and can cause allergic reactions, being able to now have a natural product to use as a replacement is a relief. This means more than just dyeing foods … it means you can make those holiday cupcakes or that pastel-colored birthday cake or sprinkle your ice cream with fun colors. It means getting a bit of childhood back for some, and for others it means creating the classic desserts that you may have thought you could never have again.

Gluten Free Red Velvet Christmas Cupcakes Recipe

I recently made ColorKitchen’s Red Velvet Cake Mix into cupcakes and frosted them with a cream cheese frosting dyed green with their natural food coloring and garnished with their holiday sprinkles. The result was not just beautiful, but delicious! You can get this kit here or check out their other products here.

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