BOU Brussels Sprouts

Holiday side dish with BOU bouillon cube

Holiday meals are so often filled with carbs, but it’s important to work in those green veggies! And I don’t just mean green veggies mixed with lots and lots of cheese or cream-based ingredients like a spinach or green bean casserole. Sure, those are amazing dishes but how about some fresh, roasted Brussels sprouts drizzled with a sweet and tangy sauce?

If that sounds good, head over to BOU’s website to see their recipe for Roasted Brussels Sprouts in Agrodolce with Fennel Puree. It tastes as fancy as it sounds but is really quite simple.

What is BOU? Glad you asked! BOU is a company that makes better-for-your bouillon cubes that are gluten-free, made with all-natural ingredients, contain no artificial flavors, and contain 30% less sodium than leading brands. BOU is what brought bouillon cubes back into my pantry after a decade-long bouillon boycott when I realized how much sodium and unnecessary ingredients were in most brands. BOU is new to my kitchen and I’m happy we met. Fellow cooks, meet BOU!

BOU Broth Cubes

For more about BOU, click here. And to check out the wonderful ways you can use bouillon cubes (not just soup!), click here to check out their recipes.

Happy Holidays to you – from me and BOU!

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