Minas Purely Divine Mix

Mina’s Purely Divine baking mixes

It never surprises me how many gluten-free companies came about from the simple fact that their founders couldn’t find something else on the market that satisfied them. I did it with my flour and with the magazine, and I understand that need to perfect something to what you expect from a gluten-free product. This is why I’m happy to highlight a company that did just that. Mina’s Purely Divine, a company that makes gluten-free baking mixes, was created by an avid cook and baker.

It all started many years ago when Mina Brustman was the head cook at a spiritual retreat center where she often cooked for people who had various illnesses. During her time there, she began to develop allergies to wheat and other grains. While cooking with wheat products at the retreat center, Mina would have to wear gloves for protection. Her allergies soon became so severe she had to switch the wheat-based baking products at the retreat center to gluten-free versions. Unfortunately, nearly every gluten-free baking mix she could find would result in dry, crumbly, or rock-hard baked goods. And so, she founded Mina’s Purely Divine and began to develop her own baking mixes. The rest, as they say, is history!

Not only do Mina’s mixes help to make gluten-free baking easier, but they also make it more allergy-friendly and safe for people on various dietary restrictions. All mixes are kosher and free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, beans, nuts, oats, and bran.

Mina’s baking mix line includes an all-purpose mix, a bread mix, and a chocolate cake mix. My favorite is the chocolate cake mix!

Mina's Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes

For a simple way to use the chocolate cake mix, check out this delectable recipe for Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes. There’s no better combination that chocolate and cherries, don’t you think?

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