BeReal Dough Balls

Out of deprivation, comes inspiration (and cookies!)

Feeling deprived of something you love because of food sensitivities always seems to breed creativity, innovation, and delicious solutions to that problem! I did it when I created my own flour blend when I went gluten-free and couldn’t find something that lived up to my baking standards. People who can’t have dairy or whose kids can’t eat nuts have gone on to create amazing companies that are free from those allergens. Vegetarians who crave a meaty texture without the meat have created delicious vegetarian alternatives to burgers and ground beef. And Mary Galvin, founder of BeReal, has created a gluten-free, plant-based cookie dough to satisfy her love of baking without eggs, dairy, and gluten.

BeReal Dough Founder

BeReal is cookie dough that is edible and shelf stable in its raw form and can also be baked into warm, gooey cookies. It all started when Mary, a nurse practitioner, decided to heal herself through diet and nutrition. After suffering many illnesses since 1999, and then being diagnosed with gluten sensitivity in 2014, Mary made changes. But, Mary also loves to bake. So, she put her diet changes and love of baking together and experimented in the kitchen until she created her cookie dough. As it turned out, this dough could be eaten raw because it didn’t contain eggs or dairy. This led her to wonder if it could also be kept on the kitchen counter or pantry shelf. She had it tested and sure enough – it’s shelf-stable at room temperature for 60 days unopened.

The ingredients are organic, non-GMO, fair trade, and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Plus, the shortening that is used is a blend of coconut and palm oil, which is sustainably sourced. It’s cookie dough you can feel good about buying and eating!

BeReal Dough Cups

What I’ve been doing with this dough this summer is refrigerating it in small cups and then packing it in my cooler for the grandkids and me to eat on the beach. It’s a nice way to cool off and it’s a dessert that won’t melt! (I use the ones that don’t have chocolate chips, such as the Good Sugar Cookie.)

Try BeReal cookie doughs today and discover the delicious, creative things that can come from being faced with deprivation! Save $3 on their Signature Chocolate Chunk here.

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