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2019 fall faves

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. It’s not just the weather, it’s the feeling in the air. There’s something comforting and friendly about fall. In fact, even though we celebrate a holiday of horror and spookiness around this time of year, there’s somehow a feeling of community and togetherness … how weird is that?! To emphasize some of that feeling of community, I’d like to share with you some of my fall faves. These are products that are fitting for this time of year for one reason or another, and I think you’ll enjoy them all!

Gluten-Free Nation’s Pumpkin Bread

(Pictured above) I couldn’t have a list of fall favorites without including something with pumpkin in it! This bread is a must-try for all those pumpkin lovers out there. It’s moist, tender, and perfect with a cup of hot coffee or chai tea. Not only is this loaf certified gluten-free, it’s also dairy-free. There’s not much more to say except that it’s delicious and you absolutely should buy two loaves – one for you and one to give to someone special.

Grab yourself a loaf of pumpkin bread here! 

LivOn Vitamin C Supplements

LivOn Labs Supplements

Fall is a great time to nourish your body. It’s right before the weather starts getting colder and colder … and right before cold and flu season! I like to encourage my immune system to be strong and mighty by giving it some extra doses of nutrients, including vitamin C. LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric supplements are unique because they are encapsulated in tiny bubbles called liposomes, which are made of phospholipids (the same material that makes up your cells). This means the supplements bypass your digestive system and go straight to your bloodstream and into your cells. It’s a great delivery system, especially for those with absorption issues due to digestive health problems.

Get your dose of vitamin C here.

ParmCrisps Sesame Flavor


Fall is made for movies and snacking. It’s also made for gatherings with family and friends. For either occasion, ParmCrisps have your back! These naturally gluten-free, keto-friendly, lactose-free, zero carb cheese crisps are made with 100% Parmesan cheese, plus seasonings and herbs. They go great by themselves or with a dip or even with more cheese and some slices of deli meats for a nice charcuterie platter. The possibilities are endless, and I love that in a snack food!

Fall in love with ParmCrisps here. 

Jarlsberg Cheese Sharing

Jarlsberg Cheese

Speaking of cheese, Jarlsberg Cheese makes delicious cheeses that will make any gathering special. This sweet, nutty, semi-soft cheese is a special, secret recipe from Norway. It’s sort of a cross between Gouda and Swiss and it brings life to cheese, nut, and fruit platters and pairs perfectly with a variety of meats on a charcuterie board. This cheese should definitely be added to your entertaining menu rotation this season (or any season).

Discover Jarlsberg cheese here.

Safely Delicious Dark Bites for Fall

Safely Delicious

Sugar and spice and everything nice! That’s Safely Delicious! These crunchy, sweet little bites start with crispy rice cereal (think Chex cereals) and then they turn into something a bit magical and addictive. Coated with chocolate and other flavorings, these are the perfect sweet treat to add to a trail mix, stir into freshly popped popcorn, or eat on their own. Best of all, these are free from gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, and they’re vegan. Pro tip: eat a Pumpkiny Bite and a Mocha Bite at the same time and tell me that isn’t like a pumpkin spice latte!

See all flavors of Safely Delicious bites here.

Smart Baking Co SmartCake

Smart Baking Company’s Smartcakes

You can quite literally have your cake and eat it, too, with Smartcakes. These cakes are not only gluten-free, they also contain 4 grams of protein and are only 38 calories. What makes them even smarter is that they contain 0 grams of sugar! How cool is that? They’re cakes you can feel good about eating, serving to others, and having on hand when that sweet tooth strikes again! This company also makes muffins and buns, which are equally tasty.

Check out all of Smart Baking Company’s products here.

PlusCBD by CV Sciences

PlusCBD Oil

CBD has been linked to so many benefits, including helping with stress, anxiety, inflammation, sleep, and more. As I mentioned previously, fall is a great time to nourish your body. If you want to get a jump start on taming that holiday stress or you want to work on self-care a little bit this season, it might be a good idea to check out CBD oil. I like PlusCBD Oil – it’s a brand I trust, one I’ve tested out myself, and it’s of a high quality. Plus, it’s non-GMO, which is always a plus. Their extraction method is chemical-free and environmentally friendly, which is even more important.

Read more about the benefits of CBD and check out PlusCBD Oil here.

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