Kate's Real Food Mango Coconut Bars

July 2020 Must-Haves

From tasty gluten-free bars to beauty products to supplements and even spirits, here are a few of our must-haves – products we at Gluten Free & More have been loving lately. These products for health, beauty, nourishment, and fun are ideal for summertime. It’s the time of year to relax and pamper yourself, after all!

Kate’s Real Food

Bars are convenient snacks but unfortunately a lot of them contain a list of ingredients the length of my arm. I prefer simplicity in any food I buy that is pre-made, which is why I love that Kate’s Real Food bars contain simple, real ingredients. Their Mango Coconut bars (pictured above) are perfect for the summer and consist of organic ingredients like coconut, honey, almond butter, dried mango, brown rice crisps, and more. These bars are so good, in fact, that they were voted “Best Coconut Bar” by Real Simple Magazine. We agree – these have to be the best coconut bar we’ve had, and of course the combo of mango and coconut is a summertime classic.

Pick up a box of Kate’s Real Food Mango Coconut Bars here

Epilynx Skin Cream


Skin care should be a daily routine, year-round, but I have to say that summer is when skin care becomes routine for a lot of people who may otherwise slack in that department. Think about it – you’re putting on sunscreen while you’re in the sun, then putting lotion on after a shower so you don’t peel. So, while you’re at it, start getting into the routine of using a daily moisturizer. EpiLynx is a great company that was developed by Dr. Liia Ramachandra, PharmD, PhD, after her struggle with gluten sensitivity. She wanted high-quality, luxurious skin care that was safe for celiacs and people with gluten sensitivity. Skin is the largest organ and although the gluten molecule is too large to penetrate the skin, it can get inside your body through a cut or blemish, through your mouth or eyes, and can irritate skin for those with dermatitis herpetiformis (the skin reaction found in those with celiac). EpiLynx’s Sunrise Morning Cream is a wonderful way to hydrate your skin before taking on the day, especially in the summertime!

View all of EpiLynx’s products here

Pouring Shot of LivOn Vitamin

LivOn Labs

There is never a wrong time of year to take vitamins. Just because it’s warm outside, doesn’t mean you can’t get sick (and that’s not even counting the coronavirus, that’s just generally speaking!). I’ve been loving LivOn Labs liposomal vitamins for a while now. They are slightly weird when you first try them but they are simple and quick to take and the noticeable difference you feel is so worth that short learning curve of taking vitamins in a sort of shot-glass-form. My favorite is the vitamin C and vitamin B. I’ve received vitamin B injections due to being low in vitamin B but these supplements are basically right up there in terms of effectiveness and they are far more convenient. Liposomal encapsulated supplements take supplements that are typically difficult to absorb and encloses them in double-layer spheres (liposomes) that pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream, allowing for optimal absorption. This is especially helpful for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity who are healing from gut health issues.

Learn more about LivOn Labs supplements here

Chopin Vodka Deconstructed Cocktail

Chopin Vodka

Vodka made the list for a few reasons:

1. There’s still a pandemic going on, so I assume some of you may need a cocktail at the end of the week to relax.
2. It’s summer, so I assume some of you may want a cocktail at the end of the week to relax.
3. I assume some of you may need/want a cocktail at the end of the week to relax. Ha!

Contrary to popular belief, not all vodka is made from potatoes. In fact, a lot of vodka is made from grains like wheat and corn. Real potato vodka is typically smoother, better tasting, and also a better choice for people who are gluten-free. Chopin’s potato vodka is full-bodied with an almost creamy consistency and a subtly earthy taste. I love this one in a martini or perhaps in a spritzer to enjoy by the pool in the summer.

Learn more about Chopin Vodka here

CV Sciences CBD Drops

CV Sciences

Summertime often comes with more activities, like kayaking, hiking, swimming, and more. And if that’s the case for you and you find yourself a bit sore after those activities, then perhaps a CBD product would benefit you. And then of course there are sleepless nights and stressful feelings during this time, whether that’s because of the pandemic or because the kids are out of school and driving you up a wall! CBD may be able to help with sleep and stress management, too. There is still a lot of research to do in the field of CBD but emerging research suggests that CBD promotes a healthy endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a natural system in our bodies and it’s responsible for assisting with homeostasis (balance) of the major systems of the body. Sleep, stress, inflammation, pain, and many other aspects of our health may be able to be improved with the help of regular use of CBD. PlusCBD Oil is a high-quality, hemp-derived CBD product available in many forms – spray, oil tincture, capsules, and even balms to rub on your skin. This brand is made from hemp-derived CBD, so it’s non-intoxicating. It’s third-party tested and fully traceable from seed to shelf, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product.

Learn more about PlusCBD and order online here


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