Bell and Evans Parmesan Chicken Recipe

Is turkey too much? Try chicken for a smaller Thanksgiving

We all know that the holidays will look different for many of us this year, so if you’re planning on having a smaller gathering, why not try a whole chicken instead of a whole turkey?

Whole chicken is flavorful, easier to make, has less of a chance of drying out than a turkey does, and takes less time and space to cook. Plus, a whole chicken is still special enough to serve to guests and has the feel of a wholesome, holiday dinner.

If you decide to opt for chicken this year, we suggest a chicken from Bell & Evans. Their chickens are 100% air-chilled, which is the superior way to chill a chicken during processing. Most chicken producers will water-chill their chickens, which involved submerging the chicken in chlorinated water to drop the temperature. This causes the natural juices of the bird to be replaced with water, diluting the flavor and diminishing the quality of the meat. Bell & Evans’ birds are also raised without antibiotics and fed quality, vegetarians diets of corn, hexane-free soybean meal, and a proprietary blend of oregano oil, cinnamon, and yucca for gut health. They also follow the highest animal welfare standards in the poultry industry, so your family can feel good knowing that the chicken you consume had a good life.

We’re thankful for companies like Bell & Evans, and this Thanksgiving, if you need a smaller option than a turkey, we hope you’ll opt for a Bell & Evans whole chicken.

To get the delicious Parmesan Crusted Garlic Butter Chicken with Cauliflower recipe, as seen in the photo above, click here.

Look for these labels in your local grocery store. Bell & Evans also makes gluten-free breaded chicken tenders, chicken burger patties, and more. Click here for a complete look at their gluten-free product line.

Bell and Evans Whole Chickens

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