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NuYugen Offers Science-Backed Supplements

More than ever, people are doing everything they can to protect their health, prevent illness, and maintain an overall sense of wellness. But with so many different supplements out there, how
do we know where to start?

For most of us, it’s good to start with stress support and immune support. NuYugen, a company that makes science-backed supplements, offers products to support both.

Adaptogens are the key to coping with stress. These “smart” herbs are the basis of Soulera, clinically proven to modulate the levels or cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, to balance, protect and restore you to a steady state between overstimulation and exhaustion. Popular adaptogens include eleutherococcus, rhodiola, ashwagandha and astragalus. NuYugen’s Soulera is a liquid supplement including a blend of 10 adaptogens and powerful antioxidants. It is gluten-free, vegan, and wild-crafted.

Soulera enhances the bioavailability of anything with which it is co-consumed, making it the perfect complement for VK Vitamin C, our immune system fortifier. The best solution for today’s challenging times.

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NuYugen is backed by science. Its products are formulated under the direction of a chief science officer with more than 40 years of experience in the supplement industry. The company conducts
clinical trials to verify the safety and efficacy of its products and all are approved with licenses from Health Canada after this agency evaluates a premarket submission presenting its
justification. Every batch of products is tested by independent laboratories for an extra level of quality, and they use only the finest ingredients that are thoroughly vetted by their team.

NuYugen is not only backed by science, but their products are enthusiastically endorsed by the company’s CEO, Dee Sharma, and CFO, George Vandenberg.

Sharma and Vandenberg, who have suffered from a variety of health ailments in the past, including celiac disease, now take the products daily and have positively shifted their health in a significant way. Sharma has been in the natural foods and supplements industry for decades and feels these are some of the best products she has witnessed in the market. “No one is a more fervent proponent of this product line than me. I proudly recommend it to everyone,” Sharma said. It has improved my health in ways no other supplement or supplement line has, and I have experienced them all.”

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