Summer Camp

Gluten-Free at Summer Camp

Canoeing on a serene lake…letting your mind wander on a nature hike…eating s’mores around the campfire…singing silly songs and practicing skits…making new friends…sleeping under the stars. Perhaps these are a few things you might remember from a childhood camp experience. And maybe you’ve dreamed of helping to create these same memories for your own son […]

Disney Cruise

Gluten Free on the Sea

How Cruising is Fast Becoming One of the Best Options for Gluten-Free Travelers Between around-the-clock gourmet meals and midnight buffets, cruises have a way of revolving around food (at least when you’re not off enjoying one of the fabulous ports of call). But for gluten-free travelers, cruising is uncharted territory that requires navigating dangerous waters…at […]

Airplane Travel Concept

Gluten Free Planes, Trains, or Automobiles

How to Successfully Manage a Gluten-Free Diet on the Road Summer is fast approaching and chances are, your plans include some type of travel—whether it’s visiting friends or family or taking a full-fledged vacation. Travel can admittedly be one of the most challenging aspects of the gluten-free diet. But this, too, is manageable and has […]

Ski Lift

Tell Your Vacation Story Through Photographs

From an early age I have always kept a place for summer in my heart. Spring and fall may be known as the most colorful seasons, with flowers blooming and leaves turning vibrant hues of orange and gold, but summer is the time for dreams, discovery, and exploration. As a child it meant camping in […]

Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E.Cheese’s

Where a gluten-free kid can be a kid In select stores in 2012, Chuck E. Cheese’s began test marketing Bake-in-Bag® personal-sized cheese pizza from Conte’s Pasta and individual chocolate cupcakes from Fabe’s All Natural Bakery. Both products are certified gluten-free. The test market was such a success that these gluten-free offerings were rolled out nationwide […]

Nourishing Food for Family Air Travel

Written by Alissa Segersten

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