Thumbprint Holiday Cookies.jpg

Gluten Free Cranberry Thumbprint Cookies with Almond Glaze

Written by Kim Maes

Maple Brined Turkey.jpg

Gluten Free Maple-Brined Turkey Recipe

Written by Kim Maes

Gluten Free Wreath Cookies.jpg

Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Wreath Stacks Recipe

Written by Kim Maes

Merry Christmas from Gluten Free & More

Merry Christmas

My Christmas wish

Easy recipe for gluten free Pumpkin Chocolate Bundt Cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Pumpkin Bundt Cake Recipe

I was given a challenge recently – create an entire gluten free holiday meal, appetizer to dessert, using

Gluten free pie with chestnut cream and chocolate

Gluten Free Chestnut Cream Pie Recipe

There is something about chestnuts that screams “HOLIDAYS” to me. Maybe it’s the fact that they start popping up in grocery stores this time of