Keto Cinnamon Rolls on a silver plate

Keto Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

Ooey, gooey cinnamon rolls can in fact be grain-free and keto-friendly with this deliciously decadent Keto Pecan Cinnamon Rolls recipe. The dough is made with almond flour, an egg, and a blend of cheeses – mozzarella and cream cheese (I know, it sounds a little strange but trust me!) Of course, what’s a cinnamon roll without

Snickers Cinnamon Rolls

“Snickers” Cinnamon Rolls

These delicious “Snickers” Cinnamon Rolls combine the flavors of a Snickers bar with the classic breakfast staple, the cinnamon roll. These can be made dairy-free and vegan, if desired.

Gluten Free Cinnamon Roll Baked French Toast

Gluten-Free Cinnamon Roll Baked French Toast

How do you take French toast up a level? I’m so very glad you asked, and you will be, too! French toast already includes cinnamon, so why not take the other properties of a

Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon Scones Recipe

Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon Scones Recipe

If you, like me, love a good scone but are cutting grains as well as gluten out of your diet, I have a recipe you simply must try!

A scone is sort of like an English version of the American biscuit, but usually

Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Apples

Gluten Free Cinnamon Apple Pinwheel Cobbler

You know that commercial where the guy asks a group of adorable kids questions like “What’s better – bigger or smaller, faster or slower, more or less?” Kids are smart so they always opt for bigger, faster, and more not less.

So I ask you, what is better

Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

Cinnamon Rolls with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

My earliest memory of solo baking was to make cinnamon rolls. They came in a tube that you whack on the edge of the counter, the dough pops out, you bake them, and then top with the frosting in a little plastic container that came in the tube with the dough. I am sure you know the very cinnamon rolls I am talking about!

Not exactly scratch baking but not bad for a 6 year old either.

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