Gluten Free Coconut Pancakes

Gluten Free Coconut Pancakes Recipe

Breakfast is the most important meal of day. It can also be one of the most gluten filled meals of the day. I can’t tell you how many times I receive emails saying “I am new to gluten free, what should I eat for breakfast?”

My answer– pancakes! Love coconut? If so

Gluten Free Spicy Cauliflower Salad Recipe

Gluten Free Spicy Cauliflower Salad Recipe

Usually when I say that a recipe is positively addictive it contains something like chocolate or whipped cream in it. I honestly do not think I have ever used “addictive” and “cauliflower” in the same sentence before. Until now that is.

I threw this recipe together with a head of cauliflower and some pantry staples and all I can say is “WOW!” I couldn’t stop eating it, it was …yep you guessed it…addictive!

Gluten Free Dairy Free Coconut Granita

Refined Sugar and Dairy Free Coconut Granita Recipe

I love the word “granite.” It sounds so sophisticated when you say you are serving granita for dessert. Ironically, granita is nothing if not simple – basically water and sugar turned into a glorified slushy. Now see, doesn’t “granita” sound so much better than “Big Gulp”?

This Refined Sugar and Dairy Free Coconut Granita recipe is a twist on one of my favorites, coffee granita with whipped cream.

Gluten Free Banana Upside Down Cake

Gluten Free Grain Free Banana Upside Down Cake Recipe

If you have a sweet tooth and yet are trying to eat healthier (i.e. cutting back on refined sugar, grains, starches, and dairy) what you need is a guilt-free (as well as gluten free) indulgence now and again. In my opinion, a few planned indulgences will keep you moving on the road to good health longer than an austere diet of deprivation.

This Banana Upside Down Cake is sweet, indulgent and best of all, is not bad for you. In fact if there was such a thing as dessert health food, this might be it.

uten Free Coconut Biscotti

Gluten Free Coconut Biscotti Recipe

What do you serve when you have vegans and paleo peeps at the same table? No it’s not the first line of a joke, just a reality of many people’s lives. If I were to list the various food sensitivities and eating preferences in my family alone, I might be here all day.

One reason I like this Gluten Free Coconut Biscotti recipe is that it is a tasty treat for almost everyone

Gluten Free Dairy Free Coconut Panna Cotta Recipe

Gluten Free Dairy Free Coconut Mango Panna Cotta Recipe

As my formative years were spent in Philippines, I think I was pre-disposed to love mangos and silken smooth desserts. This dairy free panna cotta is a luscious yet light combination of the both. While it is the perfect for a hot summer’s evening, it is also quiet refreshing after a heavy, long simmered stew on a chilly winter night. In fact it brings a bit of brightness into a dreary, dismal day.

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