Gluten Free Instant Pumpkin Mousse

Gluten Free Almost Instant Pumpkin Mousse Recipe

Tis the season for all things pumpkin; every store I walk into these days reminds me of a pumpkin patch at harvest time.

There are many in our family that regards pumpkin as a favorite flavor. In fact recently we had four generations all seated around the table discussing the attributes of pumpkin pie. My g-kid Julian is a big fan and always requests it for dessert.

Unfortunately I don’t always have time to whip up a gluten free pumpkin pie. But I do always have time to whip up this tasty dessert – Almost Instant Pumpkin Mousse. This recipe takes about 5 minutes to prepare and really could not be simpler.

With a can of pumpkin puree

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With four common ingredients and about one minute of time, you can make this delicious, sugar free, virtually fat free frozen dessert any time of the year.