Gluten Free Salmon & Lentils recipe

Gluten Free Salmon & Lentils Recipe

Sunday night dinner was just the two of us this week, my hubby and me. After two years of him working a continent away, he has finally come home for good – or at least as “for good” as a man with his occupation can expect and I was in the mood for something romantic, something French, something

Gluten Free Clams and Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Gluten Free Clams and Mashed Potatoes Recipe

I recently went back home to Los Gatos, California and was sad to see that one of my favorite restaurants had closed. It was called Café Marcella and it was one of those places with great food, an extensive wine list, and the perfect combination of hip and fabulous mixed with a

Roasted Shrimp with Wasabi

Gluten Free Roasted Shrimp with Wasabi Cocktail Sauce Recipe

Labor Day is coming up and this signals the end of summer. The weather may not change right away, but the state of mind does. School goes back into session, all that remains of summer vacations are tan lines and a big credit card bill and in a lot of cases the weekend barbeque ceases to exist for the next

Gluten Free Roasted Shrimp Recipe

Gluten Free Roasted Shrimp Recipe

One of my favorite ways to cook most meats and vegetables is to roast them in the oven. There is something about the high heat that seems to seal in the flavor and bring out the best in most foods.
Shrimp is not something that most people would think of as a candidate for roasting, as it cooks up so quickly. But I happen to

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