Shortcut Green Pozole

In the realm of Mexican cuisine, pozole stands as a revered comfort food—a warm, hearty stew infused with flavors that evoke memories of home and gatherings with loved ones. Traditionally, crafting this dish involves hours of simmering meats and carefully concocting a rich broth. However, for those seeking a shortcut without sacrificing taste, this Shortcut […]

Birria Stew

Birria stew, a traditional Mexican dish, has been gaining popularity worldwide for its rich flavors and comforting warmth. This hearty stew, often made with tender chunks of beef, infused with a blend of aromatic spices and chili peppers, is a culinary masterpiece that deserves a spot in your recipe collection. The Marukan Organic Apple Cider […]

ACV Chicken Stew in a blue bowl on top of a wooden plate

ACV Chicken Stew

I love a good stew recipe at the end of the year. It’s perfect to make it before New Year’s Eve so that if you’re hungover or just tired on New Year’s Day (plus everything is closed!) then you’ll have dinner ready for you in the fridge. Just reheat and serve with some crusty gluten-free bread for a comforting winter meal. This ACV Chicken Stew is delicious, comforting, and just an overall great stew for the

Hungarian Goulash in a pot with fresh peppers next to it on a white background

Hungarian Goulash

Paprika, Hungary’s culinary symbol, is a slightly spicy seasoning ground from a variety of sweet red pepper that has been grown in the country since the 16th century. It imparts a distinctive flavor as well as a good color to this hearty stew without making it too hot. Cook this the day before serving to allow the flavors to develop.

Closeup of Balsamic Lamb Stew in a brown bowl on a dark blue background

Balsamic Lamb Stew with Butternut Squash

This Balsamic Lamb Stew with Butternut Squash is like fall in a bowl! The savoriness of the meat contrasts with the sweetness of the squash.

Sweet Potato Soup in a white square bowl

Spicy Sweet Potato and Kale Stew

The balance between the sweet potatoes and the heat of the chili garlic sauce in this delicious Spicy Sweet Potato and Kale Stew is addictive! You’ll love this wholesome, vegetarian-friendly

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